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When your wife of nearly 17 years marriage says to you that she don't love you no more and wants to see other people to find happiness.... - 19th Oct 2020

What do you do?

You tell her it is over. Because life is black and white. Your either a loving (and in love) married couple or your not. There is no in between.

At this point I was done too. I am not going to stay with someone who said this and to pretend being a couple or financially support them. The relationship wasn't great for the prior 2 years, which shows me she had been working up to this point. Why stay with someone who makes you miserable and wants to do something like this. Run for the hills and keep running.

I can't understand how a person can stand before a service, get married and say the vows 17 years earlier. Then suddenly feel that the promise of those vows mean nothing and that they can suddenly give up the family and everything we built together. All I can say is nothing that person ever says again will ever be truthful. It was a cowardly act.