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WordPress Comment Spam

I must say, in recent weeks I have seen a massive spike in the amount of comment spam that seems to be getting through the blog here. Most of it still is getting blocked by automatic methods, but seems I’ve had an increase in those items that seem to leak through the automatic phase.

Certainly getting a bit annoying.

WordPress Hack

It would appear a plugin has been exploited, not sure which, but it’s the only way I think the theme could be exploited. Theme has some undisplayed text, which when indexed by google becomes associated with your site.

Normal visitors do not see it, but Google Indexing picks it up and displays.

I have just had a chance to see what’s changed, and will disable plugins which I suspect. Reverse the theme changes and monitor for a few days.

EDIT: Looks like its the WordPress Database Backup (v7.9.1) plugin by Jason Jones, that causes the hidden text to be displayed in pages. I disable it and the hidden text goes away. Suspect it’s what was exploited.

If I google the string it puts into pages, looks like a large amount of hosts have been comprised due to it.

Domain Registration

While I was away visiting family, I had to get a domain registration completed.

We registered the .org.au on the 25th Dec, and to the surprise of us all it was completed in the early hours of 26th Dec. Not bad considering it was Christmas and all. Very impressed.

Configured Google Hosted to host the email for the domain in question, then configured a small WordPress setup for the domain itself on our linode VPS server. Now to show Heidi’s mum how to use it, then let her go crazy with WordPress.

The domain and website is for the Kings Christian Church Temora, which can be found here.

Site changes

Site has undergone a number of changes. Things may break from time to time. However if after a few days you still see something broken, by all means make a comment and/or contact me.

In the meantime, it would appear I have finally found a reasonable theme. So I am attempting to use this theme and change things to suit our site. It’s a work in progress, however I have certainly obtained some understanding of WordPress themes in the last day or two while tinkering around.

One area needing work is some old attachments and pictures, I will slowly fix these over the next few weeks. Don’t be surprised if you see a number of new entries start to appear from time to time, I will try to post a few more things.

All things new

Decided it was time for a change, so we have a few things that are new.

  1. New location (moved back to domain TLD)
  2. New theme (work in progress)
  3. New WordPress (2.7)

The move back to the domain TLD, is so that I don’t have to maintain several sites or virtual hosts. This way everything can live under the domain TLD. Hopefully this makes things easier for me, and allows for more updates in the long run.

WordPress upgraded

Finally had the chance to do some maintenance, so I have upgraded to the latest WordPress. The site appears to still be working, so it seems to have been a success so far.

I didn’t appear to have any errors during the upgrade, so will keep an eye on it in the meantime.

Upgrade success

Upgraded WordPress over the weekend. It seemed to upgrade without much issues, the only mistake was on my part in the options used to upload some files. So I fixed that and the upgrade then took place.

Finally native tag support, without the need to install a plug in to provide the tag functions. Very impressed, all I need to do now is do more work on the layout and other associated things. Don’t be surprised if it takes me a while.