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Internet security and passwords

Everyone who uses the internet should consider the use of passwords and how they are used on the internet.

You should be using a different password for different sites and also using the longest and most cryptic password possible.

Of course doing either of these 2 things is going to make it really difficult to remember them, but that’s the whole point, you shouldn’t be able to remember them. As this will lead to having passwords that would be easy to remember and/or exploit by others.

You’ll find plenty of good applications available that can do password management, however below is the programs I use on a daily basis, as the format is one that allows me to use them across multiple programs and platforms. i.e. Windows, Macintosh, iOS devices and even Android devices.

On my Macintosh and iOS devices I use a program called “PwSafe” which is a excellent program and well worth the purchase price. It allows you to sync your password file on Dropbox, which I recommend, as that means no need to copy the file to a location that all devices can see when changes are made.

On Windows computer, I recommend using the program called “Password Safe” which is completely free, and this will enable you to use your password file on a Windows computer.


HP Microserver N40L and Windows 2008 R2 x64

I can’t believe this happened and cannot explain it, but I booted my HP N40L Microserver and installed Windows 2008 R2 x64 onto the first drive. I left the other 3 x 2Tb drives installed.

Thought it was odd that no 100mb space was made on the first drive. Turns out it was put on one of the 2Tb drives. How stupid is that for the installer to do that.

So to overcome this issue, I pulled out all drives except for the one I am installing on. That will now force the installer to put that 100mb on the start of the first drive which is going to be used for the operating system drive.


Windows 7 and FlexRAID

I moved my three Seagate 2Tb drives into my Windows 7 computer and installed FlexRAID. I ended up following the information on the post here.

Setup and installation seemed to go very well, however the read performance from the FlexRAID array was unfortunately terrible. Didn’t bother to investigate much further, as I wasn’t expecting less then 10MB/s for file copy from it.

Believe the product might be something to watch going forward, as the storage pool feature was pretty nice.

When it rains, it pours

Probably not the best start to the new year. Turns out my Mac Mini is having some serious memory issues, looks like I have a problem dimm socket. Opened it up to see if things had been seated correctly, appears the lower dimm socket on side clip is not right. Guess I got a dud, might explain the issues I have been having. Booked into Sydney Apple Store for Tuesday 9:30am.

And to top it off, if you run hdhomerun unit and don’t get any video out of Windows 7 Media Center from your tuners, it’s the latest nvidia drivers to blame. Attempted to go a beta set, and when start having lots of panic issues. Rolled back, and still had the same issues on the versions I use to run.

So set about reinstalling Windows 7. Lucky I have a extra drive in the system, means I can rebuild onto it, and not blow away old system drive until all copied/setup on new install.

New mouse purchased

I bought myself a Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse a while back and was waiting on it arriving. It arrived while I was on holidays.

Just plugged it in today and must say I am quite impressed. The tracking is so fast and the settings that can be changed using the Razer software is awesome.

Be interesting to see how I cope with it’s use in Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 (when it comes out in the next few days).

The packaging it came in was quite nice for a mouse, in fact the best packaging I have seen for a mouse ever. Highly recommend it at this stage.

New machine – Intel i5 2400

Purchased new bits to build an Intel i5 2400, as I wanted to get a reasonable good machine put together that will allow me to purchase and play battlefield3 when available in October.

Not only that it will allow me a bit more grunt for some of the virtual machines I been building to demonstrate CommVault Simpana features etc.

I am using an old Video card at the moment, but plan on spending the last $330 or so dollars on a ATI 6970 as they start to drop in price, probably in a months time (or two).

Got a few pictures of the bits and the case showing the cable routing I did to try and make things tidy. That way the only cables over the place will be the sata ones etc.

Mildly annoyed

I was attempting to setup Confluence to use a mysql database on both Windows and MacOS X. Neither of them would work, same error produced on both. It seems to be fairly common error too.

Tried to fix it, but didn’t manage to do so. Spent a good 1-2 hours on it I would imagine too. In the end I opened a ticket with Atlassian to assist. Still waiting to hear back regarding that ticket, and it’s now been nearly 24 hours. So hopefully I should hear something tomorrow.

I am going to build a Linux virtual machine, and host it under that I think. I’ve setup Jira previously for a customer where I use to work, but never played with Confluence until now. Must admit, I quite like it too. So I think if I do get it working with mysql which I am sure we will soon enough, might have to purchase a $10 license.

Microsoft 70-693 Completed

I completed my 70-693 exam yesterday. This concludes all the exams required to obtain my MCITP: Virtualization Administrator 2008 R2 certification.

That brings an end to this years achievements;

MCITP x 3, MCTS x 6 and ITILv3 Foundation.

Not a bad score.