Linode continues to be a powerhouse VPS provider

I’ve used Linode in the past and continue to hold them in high regard. If you need a bullet proof VPS provider who continues to listen to customers and provide exceptional value, I highly recommend them.

I’ve still got my account with them, just don’t have any active services at the moment, but I am sure I will again in the near future.

Be sure to sign up via the link here.

Exigent VPS

I signed up for a Exigent VPS several weeks back and have been using it on and off. I loaded mine up with a configuration that would allow vhost mail hosting and webhosting. It ran fine, the bandwidth to the VPS itself seemed fine.

To be honest I have been very happy with the VPS service, so much so I recommended it to others. Since we signed up during an introduction of new hardware/services, we actually got a good sign up cost.

I don’t use mine currently, as I moved my services back to shared web hosting, but tempted to hang onto it for a bit longer as its good to have. Besides, if I get rid of it, I wont get another for the price I am paying at the moment.

If you need a VPS, check out Exigent.

Website now running on a Exigent VPS service

I’ve moved the website to an Exigent VPS host, as I was having a few issues hosting one of my vhosts that is a mediawiki installation. I stood up all the services on my new VPS server and subsequently moved all hosting over to that VPS host.

Website should remain fairly stable/static for the now, as I am not planning any major changes for a few months if any.

Debian 4.0 linode vps server and procmail success with smtp virtual users

After a few days of tinkering, I have finally configured things on the linode vps account so it works and does pretty everything I need.

I am using Debian 4.0. Had thought about using Ubuntu, but decided to stick with Debian as I have used it previously in the same capacity, without it failing me.

On a previous setup where I had smtp virtual accounts in the usual directory structure of;


I was always looking for a way to have a .procmailrc for the smtp virtual accounts, and finally after a bit of research I have managed to put something together that works. I cannot give much technical details apart from the fact I can now have procmail rules for smtp virtual mail users, and also have those users even have a custom .procmailrc file that will be honoured.

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linode vps

I purchased an account and set about setting it up. So far very impressed, although at this stage I am trying to configure some suitable spam filtering. It would appear some guides/notes I had for amavisd-new is no longer usable. It appears they changed the configuration files quite alot in the latest releases.

Postfix is accepting the messages, then we pass it off to a content filter, in this case its amavisd-new. This processes it via spamassassin and then passing it back to an alternate postfix for final processing. ie. delivery via procmail or bounce etc.

Anyone got some guides on procmail rules so that I can send messages with certain headers to certain Maildir/ folders. ie. spam to Junk

And if anyone has any suitable amavisd-new config files for latest debian, then this would be appreciated too (or even a new guide/howto).

All in all, the service is great.


Anyone out in that wideworldweb currently using a Linode VPS to host a personal domain? I’ve been tempted for a very long time to grab one for our domain here, but my biggest issue is trying to get everything to work well in the memory allocated.

I’d prefer to use Debian, although I don’t mind Ubuntu either, but I am curious to hear from folks who currently have an Linode VPS host who have say postfix configured with some spam filtering etc, along with the usual LAMP setup on the VPS host. Looking for some install notes for setting up a very optimized host to run within the limits, rather then attempt to reinvent the wheel so to speak.

Looking at a Linode 360 account for this task. Any assistance would be appreciated.