Simpana 9 – Manual rollback of SP on Unix

Another video clip from a demo/information series I put together. This one talks about how to manually rollback a Service Pack on a Unix client.

Hope you enjoy, always remember to provide feedback.

Simpana 10 – SAP for Oracle backup failure

Came across an Simpana 10 SAP for Oracle iDA condition where the job would fail per below;

Error Code: [18:45]
Description: Snap Initialization failed with an error: [Backup Index Initialization failed. Please check the logs.]
Source: clientname, Process: backint_oracle

If you look into the $SAPDATA_HOMEsapbackup directory for the detail file associated with the failed backup you should also see something like below;

Rel 10.0.0(BUILD116) - CS=<commserve> CC=<clientname> retCode=1 bUpgradeFlag=208 upgradeTo9oTime=0
Got Mangled MediaAgent=<ma.libobk.so*ma*8400*8402> from Archive Manager
creating BCD dir=</opt/simpana/iDataAgent/jobResults/2/115/417/> failed with retCode=<-1>

BR0280I BRBACKUP time stamp: 2013-04-30 14.52.41
BR0279E Return code from '/sapmnt/OBK/exe/uc/rs6000_64/backint -u OBK -f backup -i /oracle/OBK/sapbackup/.belcejum.lst -t file -p /oracle/OBK/112_64/dbs/initOBK.utl -c': 2

This failure is indicative of a permissions error. i.e. Simpana installation path and/or jobResults  (if been placed outside of the Simpana installation path) have permissions that restrict the SAP user from writing. Since the SAP for Oracle backups are ran via a Unix SAP user account.

Solaris Training

It looks like Solaris 11 training updates are just around the corner (I noticed Oracle mention beta exams starting in 2012), so I am guessing if anyone was considering Solaris training, it would be wise to wait. Is this the general view of others?

Be interested to hear from you.

Reason I am curious and ask, is that my employer wants to get me more involved with Solaris. And I noticed Solaris certifications changed recently to require a course component for Solaris 10, so I imagine this will carry on for Solaris 11.


Solaris iostat guides

Anyone in the world web recently come across any reasonable guides/tech notes on Solaris iostat usage and interpretation. Especially on hosts when Solaris Volume Manager (metastat) is in use on the host.

I want to find a resource I can read to help understand using iostat for troubleshooting.