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Ubuntu Linux and Commvault Simpana 9 startup

As a follow up to the post yesterday about Debian Linux and Commvault Simpana 9 startup as found here.

Ubuntu Linux is also going to have the same issue. Since Ubuntu is based on Debian, it too has a runlevel 2 by default.

I installed Ubuntu 11.10 and out of the box it was on runlevel 2.

The same workaround I provided on the Debian post would be applicable here too.


Ubuntu 11.10 is not affected, as the installer detects the runlevel 2 correctly and sets the correct symlinks to the init scripts so that startup of Ubuntu will see the services start up fine.

OMG Ubuntu 11.10 and Unity

What on earth was Ubuntu thinking when it introduced Unity. I dislike it a lot. Infact I heard today they dropped the development team working on Kubuntu too. What on earth is going on.

Ubuntu annoyances

Downloaded the Ubuntu 8.10 AMD64 alternate image. Proceeded to install. Setup LVM etc, then install continues. It then stops and prompts you to insert another disc. It would appear it wants the Ubuntu 8.10 AMD64 desktop disc. Lucky I have a copy, it then proceeds to not accept it, yet the disc id matches exactly that it is asking for.


HowTo Install VMware Tools On Ubuntu Guests

On the account I don’t do the process often, I thought it might be a good idea to document the process of what packages I need to install into Ubuntu Linux Guests so that VMware Tools will compile without error.

Follow the steps below and you’ll be able to copy the VMware Tools tar/gzip archive to your host, extract it and then run the vmware-install.pl

Determine the linux kernel version, using uname -a. Make note of the release.

Then install the following packages; (assuming the kernel version from the uname -a is 2.6.27-7-generic)

apt-get install linux-headers-2.6.27=7-generic linux-source-2.6.27 gcc make psmisc

VMware Tools, still the best for Linux Virtual Machines

If it wasn’t for the VMware Tools package being as good as it was, then running Virtual Machines would be alot more difficult.

Below is a screen grab from my Xubuntu install which has since had the VMware Tools installed, thus the resolution of the Virtual Machine is running at the resolution I dictate. Could make it full screen, but I still like to be able to see my desktop for other tasks.

Click for High Resolution version.