The joke that is Bigpond Tech Support Email

Back in December, when I was having issues with connectivity. Which oddly enough was a problem for most ISP’s, although everyone else had routed traffic over alternate links. Bigpond on the other hand made uses suffer for some 2-3 days before they made any routing changes.

Any attempts to speak with support to follow the lead that other ISP’s had already provided was like yelling down a well. One fellow I spoke with suggested I send an email with all the ping and traceroute examples. Sure enough I did.

Below is the result of that email. Notice the date it was sent, and the date in which I got a reply.


This is now the joke that is Bigpond Tech Support Email.

Phone fixed and ADSL not affected

The phone service was fixed by about 10am yesterday. It would appear the fault was probably at the RIM as we thought. Which ironically means I was entirely correct in saying the DSL tech who did the ADSL activation caused it.

All fixed, but it did take them longer then expected. At least ADSL remained intact.

Still waiting for ADSL services

Months and months later, I am still awaiting Telstra to provide ADSL port relief to our local RIM.

We’ve been advised from Internode that Telstra is indicating end of March. Of course the last time I was advised something it came and went with no change. That was in January.

I am really hoping that ADSL port relief happens real soon, you can only accept using unwired for so long.

Damn Telstra

It would appear the local exchange or cabinet our phone runs too is out of ADSL ports on the CMUX, so no ADSL until it gets upgraded. Of course, no one can tell us when. Guess I will let the application stay in held state and stay in queue for an available port.

With the estate booming, no paper pusher decided to upgrade the infrastructure, which is REALLY annoying. Guess I might write a letter to local member and start to annoy the right people.

Damn Telstra.