1Tb Time Capsule

Our 1Tb Time Capsule arrived last week. I immediately got home with the unit and opened it up.

Not much inside the box, configured the unit. Then set 2 machines to backup to the unit. Things have been going fine since then.

Speed wise from the ethernet based machine seems okay, from the MacBook Air it tends to vary a bit. It works well enough and hopefully future firmware revisions improve things.

I’ll do another post in a few days time that includes screen grabs from all the options that can be configured as seen from Airport Admin Utility, which I couldn’t find on the net before I purchased.

New toys – MacBook Air

Well my wife finally got her new notebook/laptop. She opted to get an MacBook Air. I must say I am very impressed so far.

Job for tonight is to do a reinstall and remove the extra install items that we don’t need so we free up some space. Then I will move over all her data which is currently sitting on my iMac.

Unfortunately, the 1Tb Time Capsule I ordered with it has been delayed. It appears Apple are having troubles making enough of them for demand. So the reseller is filling orders as they arrive. So eventually we will make it to the front of the order queue. I believe they said they got 5 units in stock earlier in the week and fulfilled 5 orders. I am looking forward to this item arriving, then I will be happy to know the MacBook Air is being backed up every so often (without the need to manually do it each week).

ADSL provisioned… at a cost

My wife had a nice little argument with a Telstra Supervisor just on Tuesday. It appears our attempt got parked. So she proceeded to let them have it.

By the time that 30min call ended, they had found a port and set the service to provisioning.

Wednesday evening it had DSL sync and working.

Unfortunately it came at a cost. That cost was the fact the foolish person who provisioned it, managed to screw our voice service. Yes, you guessed it. We now have no dial tone on our phone service. So I can’t make calls or even accept them.

Logged a fault today, they said it will be fixed by Tuesday. Of course I got the usual spill about troubleshooting, so I repeated myself a few times to indicate it was fine until your incompetent tech attempted to enable DSL. Before that, never had a issue. After that, no dial tone. Unbelievable.

In any case the ADSL1 1500 line speed seems fine. It’s stable and as fast as it should be for this service. Attainable line rate appears to be not crash hot, but it’s fine for the service I have. So that’s good enough for me. Just a real shame they had to kill our phone service in the process. Wish I checked it 2 days ago. We don’t usual use the land line during the week..

In other news though, 2 days after my wife’s call the Telstra Wholesale report came out and indicated that several days earlier the RIM had 40 available ports. Be interesting to see how many of those are still available in the new report due out on Monday I believe.

Very poor form from Electronic Arts (EA)

Electronic Arts (EA) need a swift kick. The reason why is that if you purchase a game from them, create an online EA account to track your progress of said game then associate/register the CD-KEY from the game when prompted. It registers the CD-KEY for the game against this online EA account.

They provide no means to remove this registration of the CD-KEY, so if you sell the game some months later, the person who buys it will not be able to use the CD-KEY with an different online EA account. They will be forced to either buy a new CD-KEY for the product at the cost of US $10 or obtain the user name/password of the online EA account the person registered it against previously.

I think this is very poor form. They provide tools to manage this at account.ea.com, however the tools do not allow you to remove the registeration.

Having been caught in this situation just lastnight, I asked the person who sold it to log a support ticket with EA, and I also mentioned the support ticket they logged in my own support ticket. The response from EA is below;

“Unfortunately the registration code can only be used to create one account. Since if you have previously created an account using the Registration code, you cannot use it again to create a new account. Also, the account registered once cannot be unregistered, removed or re-registered. You will need to login to the game using the same account name and password with which you have registered the game.”

As you can see, Electronic Arts (EA) will not provide you an option to remove this registeration of the CD-KEY from your own online EA account, even though you legally own it and wish to remove it.

I’ll be thinking twice about making any sort of game purchases to which Electronic Arts (EA) is associated with. This in my honest opinion is just WRONG.

PS. Valuable Lesson: Anyone buying an EA game, please don’t register the copy when prompted. Especially if you think you’ll be very likely to sell it onto someone else down the track when your sick of it.

Options when you can’t get ADSL

The application was rejected, as per before. No ports available in the RIM, and well no ETA for upgrade. I guess we will just have to apply every 2-4 weeks until it happens. In the meantime I emailed the Federal Member, although that probably won’t do alot. I might look at getting some other affected people involved, soon as I determine what my best actions would be.

In the meantime decided the best alternative is probably to pickup an Unwired modem and use Unwired. It’s not entirely ideal, as I can’t work from home. But I can atleast use the internet for various things as required. Further more it will allow us to get our guide data to our devices on the network that require it.

I’ve since obtained a modem from a friend 2nd hand, just need to enable it and pay up for a plan etc. The only thing I need to do is save up to buy a router to run it, although in the meantime I might pull out an old machine and run Linux to do the job (until I can budget the cost of the router in).

What’s with the RAR compression on torrents

That is a good question and was answered somewhat by a post by Simon Rumble.

Those explanations are certainly good and related to the question, however it all stems from scene rules. All the groups who actually distributed those things, called scene releases. All follow the same rules for packaging things, if you do a google you will see what I mean. The multiple part files actually come from originally the BBS days of when you’d upload them to a scene board. It’s alot easier to upload many files vs huge file on a modem.

Take a look at this Wikipedia entry which gives a good outline about it.

Reinstalled iMac and tested out new Apple Keyboard

I decided 2 nights ago that I would backup my iMac and reinstall it. It didn’t really needed it, but I was in the mood to give it a good tidy up. I’d managed to clutter it up a little in recent weeks and wanted to give it a fresh bit of life. This time I will be more aware of what I install on it.

Further more I also wanted to test out the new Apple Keyboard, so I hooked it up and was using it. Needed to install Keyboard Software Update to get the special keys to work. But it seems to work fine, I don’t mind it at all. If I had to pick something about it, I would have to say the location of the USB ports on it. I prefer the location of the USB ports on the older model keyboard.

I’ll do a post in a few weeks time with all the fancy applications I use. Some of them are free, which is good. I’ve found applications in the past only by chance or by someone recommending it. So hopefully by doing the same, I can enlighten someone else.

All wired up

Today was the day that we wired up the house. A friend with the help of his own brother came to install all the wiring for the alarm system. So that’s all the sensors in various rooms and also the window reed switches etc. All I can tell you is it was lots of cable.

While they wired the alarm stuff, I set about wiring in the number of cat5e cable runs I did from the various rooms. I wanted to make sure every area that had a tv in the future would have a dual cable run of cat5e. I managed to get this done. They all terminate back into the room we have made as our home office.

I then ran 2 more cables from the first phone point into the Kitchen and then into the home office. These will allow us to loop the phone line from the lead in to other parts of the house. In

New Apple hardware and software

It would appear the rumors of new Apple items was indeed correct. Of course no new iPod’s so I guess these will happen sometime sooner or later.

What we did get was the following changed items;

Airport Extreme Basestation (now has gigabit ethernet)
New Apple USB and Bluetooth keyboards
iWork 08
iLife 08

So in all, a few changes. After just purchasing an iMac 20″ I don’t feel bad that it got changed. I love my machine and hopefully it will get me a good 2-3 years of use with MacOS X updates.

We’ve ordered a copy of iLife 08 from Apple, as I couldn’t find a copy at the local reseller. It appears Apple never shipped copies earlier then announcement plans. Of course they had no demo units on the new stock. Oh well.

As luck would have it.

My PCI-e video card in my AMD64 x2 3800+ system died when I was attempting to play a demo of bf2142.

The system shutdown, although before it crashed it was displaying an odd video issue. Of course it would restart when turned on, although gave a pop. No damage to video card, but a strange smell. System now gives 1 beep followed by 3 beeps. This is indicative of a problem with video card or video memory.

Tested the card in a friends machine and sure enough it don’t work. It’s 8 months old approx, and thus means a trip to the shop on Monday 8th to RMA it. Hope it don’t take too many weeks to get it replaced. I’d even opt to put in a few dollars for a better model card (as I don’t think they even stock the GT6600 now).

Talk about being annoyed.