New Tablet – Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Merry Christmas everyone.

Today I got a new tablet. My wife purchased me a Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2017) model. This will enable me to use it in situations where a laptop doesn’t really allow. The tablet is very handy when on public transport and relaxing on a cruise ship. Will give me a chance to load it with content and consume as needed.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8″ (2017) – Specifications

Microsoft Surface RT

I ended up buying a Microsoft Surface RT tablet, as they dropped in price quite a lot. I ended up getting one for $223 AUD locally from JB Hi Fi.

I know this model has been replaced by Microsoft Surface 2, but for the price I paid it was a good pickup.

The thing that attracted me to the units is how smooth they are to use. Being able to split the screen and show 2 applications at the same time was something I really liked. In addition, the micro SD card slot and USB port was something feature wise I could appreciate.

So far I am really happy with the unit and continue to appreciate the hardware and software. If I had a complaint it would be that I cannot find an Password Safe application in the Windows App Store that can read/write psafe3 files. If I find one I will post back.

Surprised no one has compiled and posted a Putty arm based build, as that too would be nice to have available.

All in all still very impressed.

Kogan 7″ Andriod Tablet

My wife and I picked up a Kogan 7inch Andriod Tablet via the ebay store they have for a really good price, so we purchased it for Darwyn to use.

I’ve installed a 16Gb microsd card in it and put on the entire Octonauts series for him in mp4 format. Plus a few other programs he likes.

I rooted the device using the details at the XDA link here. This allowed me to backup the factory firmware using SuperOneClick. I next installed MoboPlayer via alternative method, as any attempts to install via the Market app on the device resulted in it not being seen. The process to root it was super easy. I even put Cyanogenmod7 on it, but later removed it, as it’s not really designed for a tablet, but indeed worked (although some things didn’t i.e. camera etc).

EDIT: Sorry clockworkmod backup is installed first, so you can do a backup of the firmware from factory + rom. The SuperOneClick is the app ran on Windows for example to root the device.