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Changes to heimic sites

Yesterday and today I made some final changes to Heimic sites. I had some months ago created a subdomain which saw the blog move to that location. i.e. blog.heimic.net. However as of the past few days I decided to revert this back.

The site blog.heimic.net is redirecting back to top level domain (TLD) heimic.net. All content has been moved too. The TLD will continue to be the primary place for everything I do. I do not plan on changing this again. It should remain for a very long time.

I know these changes will have had some impact of site ranking on Google and indexing, however, I imagine this will eventually update.

My posts about Commvault Simpana and demo/walk throughs will be posted here too. They will not be on subdomain http://on.heimic.net/groundzero/ moving forward.

If you like something I post, please comment. If no one reads this stuff, nor comments, than motivation to post any content goes to zero.