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Concrete Slab Piers Drilled

Went out to the house to check on progress and found that the Concrete Slab Piers had been drilled out. As you can see in the photo below we have quite a few.


Things are progressing

We arrived home to a fence and portaloo. We are told the piering/plumbing/form work and slab should happen this week. Lets hope so as they are a couple of weeks behind.

Allocation of site supervisor

Our file has FINALLY moved out of the pre-construction phase and we now have our site supervisor, Andy.

Here is hoping things progress. Apparently he emails weekly updates – we will see if this actually happens.

Final stages of Pre-Construction

We are nearly there. Authority to commence construction obtained from bank and construction plans signed and returned – now its all in Rawson’s court to get it happening.

They say up to 3 weeks (which is Sept 1) which isnt too far from the August start they have been saying. I will be happy if they start then.

Fingers crossed.

Retaining wall damaged

Went to check out the land yesterday and noticed house over the back is getting ready to start, and it appears during the machinery being used to performed this it must of hit the wall causing some damage.


As you can see, it already has some battle scars.

I should get a photo, as I noticed another lot down the street had been driven across by trucks and in the process has destroyed the water hydrant pits in the ground. Something that will need to be fixed too. This hasn’t happened to us.


Acoustics have been finialised… $9,500 later. Ouch. Some is because we are choosing to have colourbond roof.

Now compliance plans are being done and then construction certificate issued. Ordering happens and we start.

End of August they say… we will see.

Council Approval

Woohoo we have council approval.

5 weeks and 1 day after lodgement we have approval. Now we have a 5 day wait to see what the variations for council requirements will cost us.

End of August start date is proposed.

Waiting Waiting Waiting

Plans have been in council 4 weeks now. Rawson called on Friday and said Camden Council is usually slow atm and is taking 5-6 weeks to approve. We are hoping they are out by the end of July. This would mean a end of August-mid September start.

Later than we thought but it is what it is.

Shower in ensuite

We have finally decided on what to have. Can’t say I am thrilled about the cost but I am hoping it will be worth it.

We have gone with a double one of this:


That means all variations now done. Only thing financial left to finalise is to see what acoustics and piering will cost and we wont know that until council review the plans.