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New Game Ordered – Watch Dogs on PS3

Was surprised to see that Watch Dogs was available for pre-order and releases in a few days. I remember seeing the videos for this game during the E3 in which it was originally shown/presented.

Since I don’t yet own a new console, still have my PS3, figured it would be a good purchase until I get a new console. Have decided that I will probably buy a PS4 sooner or later, may get an Xbox One eventually too if I can justify the purchase much later on.


Infamous2 PS3

Picked up a copy of Infamous2 for PS3 and seriously loving it at the moment. Totally enjoyed the first one and this new one is great.

If you want to purchase, I recommend grabbing it from ozgameshop.com which has it cheaper (as compared to play-asia.com).

Mythtv and PS3

As per Simon Rumble I found the PS3 to have a reasonable good UPnP client too. Although the PS3 wouldn’t play back recordings that had obivously had some modifications done. ie. cutlist changes etc.

Once the recording goes into nuv format, the PS3 won’t have a chance in hell to play it. I did some tinkering and managed to setup a custom job to honour the cutlist and maintain the mpg file format. However once the 2nd install of the configuration this failed to work. 1st time I did it on a setup it worked fine. I never did get around to working it out, maybe I might again in due time.

I just noticed that the HDHomeRun units are now available in Australia. HDHomeRun is a dual DVBT tuner that connects onto your ethernet and of course MythTv can then be configured to use the unit, or multiple units. Other software on other operating systems also support it. ie. EyeTV on MacOS X etc.

Having just seen these units now available, I am pretty keen to pick up one in the near future. I have a bit of funds to use on computer items, so I think I will get one once the funds in question are available for my use again.

Of course this means setting up a virtual machine to run mythtv is very possible, as the tuner is accessed via ethernet, so no fancy pci or usb hardware to consider under the guest itself.

New PS3 game additions

Picked up two new games for the PS3 over the Christmas period. Both gifts, one from my wife and the other from my mother.



COD:WAW is a great game, solo mode is good. Network play is good fun also, although I am by no means great, I still enjoy it.

Fallout 3 is good too, the map is huge, but I am finding it quite difficult, as I tend to run out of ammo quickly. Oh well still lot’s more things to do in the game. Only at level 4 approx.

If anyone is looking for a new game, certainly take a look at either of these.

Mediatomb on Debian Linux

If you want a upnp server on Linux that will support streaming of audio and video files to your Playstation 3 (PS3), then Mediatomb is the software for you.

Grab it from the Debian repository and then configure it as required. Requires editing the config.xml file. Below is a link to my sample config.xml and an import.js which I modified that shows the audio/video files in a way in which I prefer.

Mediatomb Sample Configs

I have my media content laid out like so;

/srv/media/tv/showname - series 1/episodes


I’ve had WarHawk on PS3 now for a month or so, my lovely wife got me a copy from DSE for a bargain price.

Not really played much, but have been making a bit of effort to play. Try to get on when a mate plays so we can play on the same map/server.

Last night I had a good few rounds, I’ve certainly got my favourite maps. Managed to snag about 5 awards in game and then also managed to have a few good scoring rounds. I am by no means great at this game, but its good when you have a good round every so often. Especially when you sometimes only score a few single digit figures in other rounds.

GTAIV 30% Complete

Slowly but surely I am completing GTAIV on PS3.

I’ve just clocked 30% complete on the game. I got stuck on a mission yesterday, took me about 7 attempts to complete it. Got past it in the end, but it was a lot of time wasted in doing each attempt.

GTAIV is certainly an interesting game. I like the network play available for it. Makes things interesting when you have a bit of time to spare and you want to play online.

EDIT: Correction. 31.7% now 🙂

1080p bluray playback = sweet

Rewired our home theater setup and wired the PS3 into the TV. I must say I am very happy with the result. It worked perfectly fine. Bluray movie playback on the TV at 1080p is really sweet. It looks very good. The PS3 menu even looks a lot better, not to mention GTA IV.

Very happy with the result. All I need now is to test a few good Bluray movie titles. DVD upscaling is very good too, I think I will watch my DVD’s via the PS3 rather then via our Beyonwiz DP-S1.

Downloaded MediaLink for OSX and it seems to work really well. It implements a uPnP server on OSX for sharing out iTunes and iPhoto data, along with other folders of files as you select. Playback of content like DivX and XviD files is very nice. I think I’ll even purchase a license for MediaLink as it works without any effort.

Finally caved in

As of yesterday I finally caved in and purchased a Sony Playstation 3. Being a fan of GTA for a long time, it finally swayed me. Although the cruncher came when my wife discovered that the May issue of Australian Womens Weekly contained a Target discount coupon. After tracking down a store with stock, we told them I will be in by close of business to pickup and pay for it. Store in question was happy enough to hold a pack.

So as of lastnight, I now have a PS3 and GTA IV game. I really like the game, it’s quite good. The detail of the city is great. I have to say the cars in the game are very good too, as is the driving around the city and having accidents etc. I think I will have some fun going forward trying to complete it.

Target’s PS3 + GTAIV pack price was $729, so I ended up getting $70 off this price with the voucher. So final buy price at register was $659. And then when you minus the price of the game (or the lowest price I’ve seen the game for of $78), the console cost us $581.

Plan for the weekend is to grab a HDMI cable and hook it upto to our TV this way, so we get the best resolution possible (especially when it comes time to play Bluray movies). I also want to grab an optical audio cable so the audio can be sent directly to our Yamaha AMP for the best possible sound output.