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Synology DSM 5.2 – How much has it changed

Been a long time since I ran a Synology NAS. So it’s been a little while since I seen DSM. Just purchased a Synology DS215j so that I could increase our storage capacity a little, since another 2TB RAID1 NAS is full pretty much.

Below is a screen capture of DSM 5.2 logon screen (I removed the Date/Time widget from the left corner – which is on by default);

Synology DSM 5.2 Logon Screen

Below is the initial Management Screen upon logon.

Synology DSM 5.2 Management

I should point out that I wasn’t able to have the Synology DS215j show up on network when it had 2 drives installed. It was never visible to the Synology Assistant application to install DSM for the first time. However, as I determined from my research at the Synology Forums. You can boot the unit with only the 1st drive installed and perform the installation and add the 2nd drive when done (and expand it to create protected storage pool).

I am waiting on the drive expansion process to complete, and will do further configuration. When that finally completes I will create shares and move some data onto the unit. Want to also enable NFS server too.

Synology DSM 5.2 - Storage Manager

XPEnology DSM 4.2 on HP N40L Microserver Follow up

I’ve noticed that my earlier post (here) on running XPEnology DSM 4.2 on a HP N40L Microserver gets a large number of hits on a weekly basis. Thought it might be a good time to post a follow up.

The software appeared to install fine and appeared to be operational much like a Synology NAS.

However despite everything seeming okay it was still a hack to get this working on a HP N40L Microserver no matter which way you look at it. I couldn’t get over that thought and as such wasn’t about to trust my data on the system.

So I opted to not use XPEnology DSM 4.2 on my HP N40L Microserver in the end. However I am sure plenty of people do use it and have no problem doing so. If you find any of my posts on this subject, and go on to use it. By all means post a comment so others can see that it’s being used by people with no problem.

Noontec N5 Gigalink

My wife bought me a Noontec N5 Gigalink NAS unit as I wanted a simple cifs based file share for our home network.

Unit is packaged really well and I will be very interested in seeing how it operates. Will be plug it in and set it up later in the week and post back my thoughts.

Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo

I was looking for a Dual Bay NAS and during my research I came across a Buffalo LinkStation Duo, and as I researched more I found that the Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo was the model above.

Late one night I came across a link that took me to Harris Technology website, who were selling the Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo version for under $100 Australian Dollars, which I thought was a good price. Considering I saw on ebay that the Duo was a lot more.

I ended up ordering 2, as I already have 3 x 2Tb Seagate drives and I figure if I buy another drive I could populate both LinkStation Pro Duo units with 2Tb drives in a RAID1 configuration.

My initial impression is these NAS devices are not bad. Sure it’s not going to be absolutely lighting speed, but it offers the right amount of features and performance to be of real value at the price point of $98 for a diskless unit.

Well worth a look if your in the need for a network based RAID1/RAID0 NAS unit.

XPEnology and HP Microserver N40L

As per my previous post here. I got it all installed and most things work as expected, however I just cant bring myself to keep it. As some features don’t work like wake on lan etc.

So it was a short lived installation, however very impressed with what has been done to allow it to be possible to install.

I guess it suits some people, however just doesn’t suit me with the limitations.

XPEnology DSM 4.2 on HP N40L Microserver

I’d previously heard about Synology NAS software being recompiled to work on other native x86 platforms. I also heard you could put it on the HP N40L Microserver.

So I thought it might be worth looking at, as I really do like Synology NAS gear and the software that runs them. In fact have owned two Synology devices in the past, and will certainly be buying some multi bay units in the future.

I really just want my Microserver to do basic raid file sharing via cifs and nfs. I also don’t want to have to configure it via cli, as I just want to click a few things and get it working.

Long story short, I downloaded the XPEnology DS3612x DSM 4.2 build 3211++ (repack v1.2) and sure enough it works great. You can download it from the forum post here.

If you don’t know how to install it, do a bit of a google and you should find a few pages that will walk you through it, be sure to have drives in the Microserver ready to be formatted, as the installation will do that soon as you upload the pat file via Synology Assistant.

Will post back further thoughts once I reinstall it after I have copied off my data from my existing 3 x 2Tb raid5 array.


Storage Changes

As you will remember, a few posts back I mentioned getting a HP N40L Microserver.

These are certainly good servers, but I must admit it was a little on the loud side. Although could of been lived with, however I still loved just how easy the old Synology NAS unit was that I had prior to it.

So decided to sell off the Microserver, good thing too, as the demand for them is still high so I sold it quite easy without much loss.

Had intended to get 2 x Synology DS212j’s, however it appears the supplier was wanting to get rid of some legacy stock, so I picked up Synology DS109 and a DS109+. Plan on running both with a single 2Tb drive and test out the replication between them. At the moment I only have one 2Tb drive, will get another soon.

Will get a DS212j in a few months time and populate with 2 x 3Tb drives (as they drop in price).

BURP is not bad

I installed BURP and had a bit of play with backing up and was impressed. I’d really love to see this BURP server/client binaries available on say my Synology NAS. Think it could be very good addition.

I started to cross compile it and ran into issue each time. As I resolved one, something else came up.

I found that a fellow who has built Transmission and a number of other packages for Synology NAS units has released a build environment, and I have started to use that. However still having issues. At this stage I will put this project/playing around on hold for a few weeks, but will go back to tackle it again. As it would be good to have the BURP server running on say the Synlogy NAS (DS109+) in my case, but could also be compiled for other models with the correct tool chains etc.