HP Microserver N40L with Ubuntu 12.04.x and LXC

What a weekend, after killing off the setup I had working really well and trying out some other options. I came to the conclusion very quickly that the setup I had was the best one.

Our HP Microserver N40L with Ubuntu 12.04.x and LXC (Linux Containers) worked best for us. We have our mdadm based software raid, and have Linux containers do other services as needed.

So I am in the process of reinstalling everything back as it was, I am very glad I made good notes for most things including LXC.

If anyone want’s more explicit details, let me know in the comments and I can post further follow ups with more details on what we do and how we are doing it.

Open Media Vault USB boot corruption

Looks like the Open Media Vault appliance I had running via the HP N40L Microserver had some issues.

I left it overnight to copy 400+Gb of files and woke to find it had failed half way. Host was up, but networking wasn’t working quite so well. Rebooted and immediately saw the root file system failed to mount and caused the usual panic.

I suspect the USB key I had the OS installed on has corrupted. Which means my data should be okay, although hasn’t impressed me much.

Think I will go back to my Debian install and just do everything via it. So it’s not an appliance, but at least I know it will work day in and day out when ran from the hard drive.


HP ProLiant MicroServer N40L

As per my post a few days back, ordered a N40L.

All I can say is it’s a great bit of kit. I’ve installed Debian 6.0.4 amd64 and have configured it to do a number of services and other tasks.

So good to be running a dedicated physical linux host on my network again.

I installed Debian  on the 250gb drive it shipped with, and carved it up so I have about 200gb left over for data storage via samba (and nfs soon as I configure it up). I dropped in 2 x 500 7200rpm Samsungs I had from my desktop, and setup those in a mdadm raid1. I also put in a 2Tb WD Green to also share out via samba (and nfs).

Running quite nicely. Thumbs up. Think I need another one 🙂