So many things to say, just no idea how to express it

It’s been a crazy number of weeks. The family and I have done so much stuff, however it’s just so hard to express all those things. When I finally get time to type something I just don’t know where to start.

I guess I should be drafting posts and sending them once I have attached any photos and the like.

Maybe I might try this method.

Meanwhile, both boys doing really well. Nate is going through a cycle of teeth coming through at the moment and Darwyn is at that age where he is independent. Darwyn turns 3 very soon, which is surprising how fast it has gone. He also talks a great deal now and says so many variations of words.

My wife and I managed to find time to head to the movies today minus the kids. We saw The Hunger Games, and I thought it was okay. Don’t think my wife liked it much, guess we will need to make time to see something else in the coming weeks.

Got a few busy weekends ahead, so will be sure to post more things as they happen.

I’ve been meaning to get more involved with some linux related stuff, as I still love using Linux and promoting it’s use with others. I’d really love to contribute in some way to the Debian community, so might one day look into doing that. Love getting inspired by some of the folks on Plant Debian to be honest.

Who do you think this mystery actress is?

I was watching The Wedding Singer the other night, and an actress caught my attention. In all the times I have seen this movie, I’ve never thought who is that person. Until now.

The actress in question is not credited for this part, further more no one is credited for this role. See picture below, click for higher resolution version. I’ll name who I think it is, and see if anyone agrees.

I believe it to be……

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I Am Legend is awesome

If you find yourself needing to kill some time, I suggest you go to the movies and see Will Smith in “I Am Legend“.

This movie is certainly very good and I would certainly recommend it is worth a watch. If you enjoy this movie, then I suggest you also go check out “28 Days Later” which is very similar, and based in London, rather then New York (as I Am Legend is).

Would love to hear from anyone who see’s either or both films (especially if you haven’t seen either).

Happy New Year