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MCTS: Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring

The Microsoft Windows 2008 Server Administrator books arrived about a few weeks ago. Started off reading the 70-642 book first. Some people recommended doing 70-640 first.

Just about finished the 70-642 book and have planned on attempting the exam 19th July, assuming I am confident when the time rolls around.

Wish me luck 🙂

EDIT: Pulled exam forward a week. Got sick of reviewing. Now booked for 12th July.

MCTS: Windows 7 Configuration 70-680 passed

Sat for my MCTS: Windows 7 Configuration 70-680 today. Passed.

Now to order more books and continue this study/exam journey I have started. I hope Microsoft extend the 2nd chance offer when it ends in June. Soon see.

I won’t be doing another exam until I have the next set of books to read. Plan on ordering the books this week, so I won’t have them for about 3 weeks. So get to have a break, although I may do some reading from online resources (or via pdf’s until they show up).

Very busy

Sorry about the lack of posts. But I’ve been very  busy in recent months.

Between work and other stuff, not had much spare time. Currently finishing up a month long preparation for another Microsoft exam. I’ve been reading my 2nd book I purchased which was Windows 7 Configuration (70-680) which I booked the exam for the day after I completed my Vista Configuration exam.

Tomorrow is the big day to complete the next exam. If I can pass this one of the first go, then I’ll be ordering more books. Plan on doing MCITP: Server Administrator (2008) exams/certs. I’ve also been told I should probably grab an MCITP for Windows 7, which means I will probably end up doing 70-686 once the material is available later in the year, although I have found some online resources to work from in the meantime.

Will be sure to post back my progress soon.

MCTS: Vista Configuration 70-620 passed

I sat the MCTS: Vista Configuration 70-620 exam yesterday and passed on the first attempt.

So the book previously purchased assisted in obtaining the certification. I’ve now started on the 2nd book I had purchased, which was MCTS: Windows 7 Configuration 70-680, and I am thinking of doing this exam at the end of next month (May).

If anyone want’s to purchase Microsoft Press 70-620 book, contact me. I’d be happy to sell the book in question.

Nearly completed 70-620 Microsoft Press Book

After several weeks of reading, I have just about completed the book. Although I have already started doing prac tests and revision. In fact I’ve also already booked the exam. As I am confident enough to pass it. Although I just need to put in a bit more time doing some simulation review.

Like all humans, I too am scared of failure. But if I don’t attempt the exam, I may just put it off and off. So while they have that promotion on currently with a 2nd shot free, I might as well try.

Exam booked for 19th April. So ready or not, it will be an attempt. I am tempted to purchase a 70-622 book and do it next, then go do my 70-680 Windows 7 config as planned. Not sure yet. Will do the exam and then decide next action. Enjoyed reading the book though, and honestly learnt things about Windows Vista I probably never really understood. So win nonetheless I think.

Amazon certainly is cheaper

I am about to embark on the reading of 2 x Microsoft Press books to attempt two Microsoft certification exams. More details on these as time goes on, but for now the story is about the book prices.

Locally the books cost about over $100 for one. Looking on Amazon the books I wanted had list prices of $44 USD and $37 USD. Oddly enough I ended up getting both with postage for about $127 AUD.

It’s an easy decision, buy from Amazon, get both books and have to wait up to a month.

Will post back my experience, I’ve heard others say Amazon has been a pleasure experience to purchase from.