Abandoned Microsoft Surface RT

I’ve abandoned the Microsoft Surface RT, mainly due to lack of usage. I didn’t mind the interface, however I must say the lack of applications was a certainly a failing point in my opinion. I’ve since gotten rid of mine, as once I got my new MacBook Air I found I hardly used it.

I bet I am not the only person who has done this to be honest.

Microsoft OneNote now free on Apple App Store

Noticed overnight that the rumours of Microsoft OneNote becoming free have actual come true. It looks like we can download it. I’ll be installing it as I don’t mind OneNote at all. It’s something I started to use a lot more of in the last 3 years.

I might as well install OneDrive too and attempt to use it as well, although have been a long time user of Dropbox.

Post over here talks about the OneNote release on Macintosh.


Microsoft Surface RT

I ended up buying a Microsoft Surface RT tablet, as they dropped in price quite a lot. I ended up getting one for $223 AUD locally from JB Hi Fi.

I know this model has been replaced by Microsoft Surface 2, but for the price I paid it was a good pickup.

The thing that attracted me to the units is how smooth they are to use. Being able to split the screen and show 2 applications at the same time was something I really liked. In addition, the micro SD card slot and USB port was something feature wise I could appreciate.

So far I am really happy with the unit and continue to appreciate the hardware and software. If I had a complaint it would be that I cannot find an Password Safe application in the Windows App Store that can read/write psafe3 files. If I find one I will post back.

Surprised no one has compiled and posted a Putty arm based build, as that too would be nice to have available.

All in all still very impressed.

How to turn off Windows 7 sharing wizard

I know Microsoft tried to make Windows 7 and other OS versions easier with each release, however by implementing wizards to guide a user can sometimes be a little annoying, as it hides the good options you’d sometimes want to use. Not to mention make the steps to do something longer.

If you find yourself needing to turn off the Windows 7 Sharing Wizard, you can do it via the process below. Watch the video to see this process played out.

HP Microserver N40L and Windows 2008 R2 x64

I can’t believe this happened and cannot explain it, but I booted my HP N40L Microserver and installed Windows 2008 R2 x64 onto the first drive. I left the other 3 x 2Tb drives installed.

Thought it was odd that no 100mb space was made on the first drive. Turns out it was put on one of the 2Tb drives. How stupid is that for the installer to do that.

So to overcome this issue, I pulled out all drives except for the one I am installing on. That will now force the installer to put that 100mb on the start of the first drive which is going to be used for the operating system drive.


Booting Windows Server 2012 under VMware Workstation 8

Still not having much luck with getting Windows Server 2012 to boot under VMware Workstation 8. The failure during booting it in a Virtual Machine is below.

A little annoying to say the least. I’ll eventually work it out I am sure, have tried a number of the suggested workarounds and nothing has worked so far. I guess I will get more motivated eventually.

So begins 2011

So begins 2011. Wonder what the year will bring. All I know is that my immediate goals will be to complete my MCITP: EA. Only need to do two more exams, and if that means work won’t help with it, then I will put some funds aside when they become available to take the 2 exams I need to obtain it.

In the meantime I will wait for work to confirm if they’d like me to do my RHCE exam, so might need to start some revision for that soon as I complete the EA exams.

See what happens.

In other news, I think the blog will be moved to the cloud. Will more then likely create an A record and point it to my posterous account for the future web content. Just don’t have the time or the design skill to maintain my own site (and everything associated with it). So you will see changes happen in that department, thinking of transfering the domain to another registrar. directnic.com whom I got the domain from has been good, but I’ve been happy with the services offered by planetdomain.com, so might transfer to them. As I get free dns hosting with them without any extra associated costs, unlike directnic.com.

I only need 6 or more MX records and then some A/CNAME records after all.

Microsoft 70-669 completed

Completed my 70-669 exam last week. That is now 2 out of 3 completed to obtain an MCITP: VA. Will be completing the final one in Jan. All I need is 70-693 completed and I will have my third MCITP in a 9 month period.

Hoping to do some RedHat revision/certification in 2011, have asked my employer to see if they will cover the cost of the exam if I was pay for it, then claim it.