MediaWiki errors during page edit shared web hosting account

I thought I should report back regarding one of my older posts. I was previously having issues with MediaWiki during page edits on my old shared web hosting account. You can see the old post here.

MediaWiki was working for a long time on the old provider, however suddenly started causing me to have errors like those mentioned on the previous blog post above. I logged a ticket however never got any resolution.

I’ve subsequently moved providers in the last 24 hours and configured the wiki up again, and as expected, so far I have not had a single issue like I previously was seeing. It’s still early days however quick number of tests cannot reproduce the fault, so whatever was causing it must of been environmental on my old provider.

Pretty happy about it, as I do like to use a wiki and MediaWiki is not bad, however I would love to get the visual editor working though, but never had much luck with that.

MediaWiki page edit issues on shared hosting provider

It appears I am still having MediaWiki page edit issues on my shared hosting provider. It appears that when you edit a page (can be any page) and insert the wiki syntax for the page. When you attempt to save it, something must be going wrong with the parsing of the content, as the edit of the page will fail as per the screen grab below.

Unable to resolve this, and do not want to waste any more time on resolving it. No errors are even displayed in error logs for the web server itself and the permissions are fine.


Mediawiki site generating Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in LocalisationCache.php on line 390

Had to blog about this, as I had a problem with one of my MediaWiki sites that I moved onto a shared hosting provider.

Every page when loaded would generate the error below displayed somewhere on the page. i.e in my case at the top in my header region.

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /path/to/file/includes/cache/LocalisationCache.php on line 390

The fix for this is easy, just run the rebuildLocalisationCache.php script in maintenance folder and if you don’t have access to run it via a shell you can add the following line into your LocalSettings.php file instead;

$wgLocalisationCacheConf[‘manualRecache’] = true;

Check out the page here for more specific details on the script use etc.