What a week

Been a busy week, and I am sure next week wont be no different.

Got Mac Mini back from Apple, and they replaced the logic board. In addition my 8gb of ram I ordered back in late November arrived from OWC, so I’ve since installed it in the Mac Mini. It hasn’t crashed or kernel panic since doing so. Guess the logic board might of been the cause of all the problems.

I said to my wife I wasn’t going to buy anything and well that lasted all of about 3 days, what can I say. Got a email from epowermac. Turns out they had some clearance stuff being sold. I browsed and found they had a Synology DS-109+ for $128 delivered (minus drive). Upon further research determined my 2Tb drive was on compatible list. Although this unit is discounted it has more ram than the model that replaced it. So purchased it. Was too good to pass up.

Also, the LPIC-2 book I purchased arrived. So now I have something to read over and revise. Although a friend mentioned that this Sybex LPIC-2 book I got is crap. He probably is correct too, as I saw an electronic copy which read oddly too. Oh well it’s a handy reference for the train trip (since I dont seem to get much chance to use the iPad). LPIC-2 Exam 201 target approx 5-6 weeks time.

Life as a parent

It’s difficult being a parent I’ve found. It seriously takes lots of time to be a dad. Even so I enjoy it.

While I have been busy, I am now making a commit to continue to post and try to post often. I certainly enjoy sharing what is going on. So hopefully everyone should continue to see some regular posts.

Feel free to comment and/or contact on any posts. Always welcome feedback, be it praise or not.