A driver who has no regard for others.

Today the dash camera came in handy, as I had it installed in my car and running. Just as well as I captured this driver who has no regard for others.

You’ll notice at 100km/hr this driver pretty much just about wipes me out, and it was only avoided cause I jumped on the brakes and clutch immediately as they lane changed onto me that I avoided them.

No audio in the clip, as you could imagine I was pretty angry and said a few bad words. This could of been very serious had they actually hit me at that speed (considering the concrete wall diving the road).

People like this driver need to drive with more care, as a basic head check along with mirrors would of clearly saw me.

This person is going to cause an accident if they continue to drive in this manner.

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Great new Television shows

Two shows I recently started to watch in the last 3 months is “Arrow” and “The Flash“. If you haven’t watched either of these, I completely recommend.

Arrow got me hooked after watching a season, and someone mentioned to me that it had an overlap with “The Flash”, which I didn’t know and started to watch it too.

Big thumbs up from me. Hooked.


G1W-C Dash Camera – Test footage

Finally got our G1W-C Dash Camera and took some test footage. I picked this footage, as the car in the shot appeared to be a possible undercover Police car, as I caught a glimpse of a blue strobe light on the dash.

Funny enough, when I went back through my footage from 15mins prior to the footage above, the same car is visible again, so I think they must of been cruising around the 50km/hr zones looking for people not obeying the sign posted speed limits.

Footage in my opinion has come out rather good if you ask me.


Music and Memories

Heard a song today that I haven’t heard in a very long time. Soon as I heard it I could remember one of the many times I heard it many many many years ago.

I can remember one of the many times we would be out driving in the┬ácar, and 2 the radio tuned to 2WS (now called WSFM). Being the 80’s you would of course get all the 80’s tunes. So hearing some of these now brings back fond memories.

The tune today that initiated a memory was Billy Ocean – Caribbean Queen.

Other songs that come to mind from this period of my childhood are below;

Good times.

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New Game Ordered – Watch Dogs on PS3

Was surprised to see that Watch Dogs was available for pre-order and releases in a few days. I remember seeing the videos for this game during the E3 in which it was originally shown/presented.

Since I don’t yet own a new console, still have my PS3, figured it would be a good purchase until I get a new console. Have decided that I will probably buy a PS4 sooner or later, may get an Xbox One eventually too if I can justify the purchase much later on.


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Backyard – Drainage Progress – Part 2

Yesterday since I had to look after the kids for the day, I decided to do more work in the backyard with the drainage. The aim was to setup the drains and back fill with blue metal. As you can see below it came up very good.



Next step is to now back fill with some soil so that we can cover over the area with some other material, as we will be moving the kids big trampoline back to this spot as it won’t be a grassed area any more.

I put the hose in the last drain and left it running for a bit and like my previous test the water will hit the junction and go into the storm water line that goes to the street. So the water naturally finds the path along the trench in which I now have the arg line laid and covered it with blue metal.

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Backyard – Drainage progress

Finally got a bit of time in the afternoon today to do more work on the drainage in the backyard. When we got all that rain the other month it highlighted the fact we now needed to do a bit more to allow the excess water to escape, so I started planning to fix the issue or at least make it bearable.

Managed to cut into the main storm water overflow line to the street and put in a junction and tee (used a collar to take up the difference, so that I could insert the new items from the pipe section that was removed), so I could put a surface drain above the tee. I am going to use this surface drain to sit just below existing surface line and insert the rain water tanks hose that drips during the first part of rain into the drain.

You can see the pictures below;

The fabric over the drain is only for the moment, so I don’t spill soil and other material back in it as I back fill it. I am also going to add another surface drain where it meets the pergola too. So I will break the arg line and insert a tee etc.




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Update – what’s been happening

Been a little busy the past few weeks. Still plan on posting up a Simpana 10 + MySQL on Linux example. Will be sure to get to this soon. Just need to get motivation.

In the meantime, my wife and I purchased some land which we are still waiting on paperwork for. I think the 2 short weeks due to public holidays would impact that, so we probably not expecting to see the paperwork until next week.

We’re planning on building a new house (another one, as the one we live in currently we built about 7 years ago). We figure we have experience with the process and would like to do it again and do somethings differently. So the best way to get what we want 2nd time around is to build again.

On the up side, the estate the land is in has FTTH (Fibre to the home), so I will finally be able to get some decent internet connectivity. I have already confirmed the estate is serviced by Internode FTTH plans. So I am looking at a 50Mbps/20Mbps plan with them that includes 300Gb a month of traffic. Unfortunately the process from land being registered, available to be built on and the house being completed is probably at least 18 months to 24 months. So going to be a while off yet. Land should be registered next year, I think it was March. So the count down begins.

Now my wife and I have to do the run around to find a house we like and other options we want so that the new place will fit on the block etc. Let the fun (games) begin I guess.

I also ended up ordered a Dell Inspirion 15 (Model: 3537) i3 Intel laptop. It was on special the past few days down to $498.99 delivered, so I ordered one, as I wanted another computer that could run Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. By the time I built something like my existing i3 desktop, it was better money spent on the laptop. Soon see how it performs once it comes. It’s coming from the factory as they ended up selling out of the pre-made stock. Will post back my thoughts after I get the delivery.

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LiPo battery failure

Dug out my LiPo 3S batteries on the weekend with the intent of charging them up for some use in the Traxxas E-Revo brushless. Unfortunately it appeared they had gone bad. As I revived one of them I found one of the cells had gone and the other I never bothered tinkering with.

I’ve since wrote them off as failed and purchased a new set. Now waiting for the new ones to arrive so I can have battery connectors soldered onto them.

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Additional backyard work

Went on to complete the backyard work, and sort out another area down the side of the house. I just need to circle back and fix up some drainage which I will do in the next few weeks, as I can’t make a mess of the backyard until after my sons birthday party. So will get stuck into fixing that in the next 2-3 weeks. I put some posts in on the side of the house so we can use it to block the dog down the side when we have events on in the backyard. It also keeps out from running down that side of the house when it’s wet and destroying it.

A few more pictures below;



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