Lego Technic Container Truck 42024

Who doesn’t like Lego right?

I had a large amount of Lego as a kid, however I sold it in my teens. Yes, I know looking back on it, that this was probably not a wise idea. My kids love it and it’s something I could of gave them. Oh well.

Today we went into Sydney to check out the Lego display, and also checked out Myer, as they have some Lego displays in store too.

To mark the day, I allowed the kids to pick out a Lego item, and of course I thought might be appropriate that I also grab something too. I ended up selecting the Lego Technic Container Truck – 42024 for myself. I hate to imagine how much time this thing is going to take me to build. Will start on it tomorrow (or later in the week).

Old Lego Technic sets

While I was away briefly over the Easter break I was watching some YouTube clips about some Lego models, and thought to myself. I should dig out the ones I kept from my childhood.

Oddly enough I kept just the 2-3 technic sets I got as a kid, but got rid of everything else. I certainly wish I kept it all, but hindsight after all right.

Below is some pictures of the set I still have a box for, will build it up to see if I have all the bits. I have already determined that I am missing some bits from my other 2 sets. Bummer.

Below is a Lego Technic 8020 Set, anyone know what year this came out?

EDIT: According to this, 1984.