Chicken Pox

Unfortunately both kids have got Chicken Pox, not the best thing to happen. Especially since the youngest wasn’t even old enough to get 18 month needles, thus he has it more so than the oldest son.

Goes to show that immunisation is a good idea, since the oldest son hardly has much of an outbreak of it, where as the youngest is covered. Poor little guy.

So many things to say, just no idea how to express it

It’s been a crazy number of weeks. The family and I have done so much stuff, however it’s just so hard to express all those things. When I finally get time to type something I just don’t know where to start.

I guess I should be drafting posts and sending them once I have attached any photos and the like.

Maybe I might try this method.

Meanwhile, both boys doing really well. Nate is going through a cycle of teeth coming through at the moment and Darwyn is at that age where he is independent. Darwyn turns 3 very soon, which is surprising how fast it has gone. He also talks a great deal now and says so many variations of words.

My wife and I managed to find time to head to the movies today minus the kids. We saw The Hunger Games, and I thought it was okay. Don’t think my wife liked it much, guess we will need to make time to see something else in the coming weeks.

Got a few busy weekends ahead, so will be sure to post more things as they happen.

I’ve been meaning to get more involved with some linux related stuff, as I still love using Linux and promoting it’s use with others. I’d really love to contribute in some way to the Debian community, so might one day look into doing that. Love getting inspired by some of the folks on Plant Debian to be honest.

Not walking yet? Don’t be too concerned.

I noticed Andrew Pollock posted the following here. As a fellow parent, I can tell you not to worry too much about the fact at 12 months your child might not be walking. All you can do is talk to the medical people and ensure nothing is wrong. At the end of the day it will just happen.

My son Darwyn, didn’t walk until he was 21 months. It was only after we had him to a specialist to do a final check, and from that visit/appointment onwards after walking back and forth a few times he never stopped.

Prior to that visit, he would do the usual hold something and walk around, and even walk between 2 people if prompted. But I guess he just wasn’t ready.

Of course, we now can’t get him to stop. Not that I am complaining.