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Router issues sorted

After playing around with the Billion 7800NL I managed to sort out something that solved my problem.

It appears the default setup doesn’t include any sort of QoS, so I played around and managed to create some rules which see to be performing what they should.

It wasn’t running out of connections, it seems to have just been starved of bandwidth at various times. Post those QoS rules being done, it’s now been stable for over 5 days. So that’s made me quite happy.

Host naming convention

Found two interesting you can see them here and here. Both talk about the convention used by people for the naming of hosts. Something I have also been long interested in. What can I say, geeks think about this stuff from time to time.

For the last few years I have adopted to name our hosts at home after the names of Simpson Characters, and sometimes that of precious stones. Currently I have barney, maggie, marge, abu and topaz.

The joke that is Bigpond Tech Support Email

Back in December, when I was having issues with connectivity. Which oddly enough was a problem for most ISP’s, although everyone else had routed traffic over alternate links. Bigpond on the other hand made uses suffer for some 2-3 days before they made any routing changes.

Any attempts to speak with support to follow the lead that other ISP’s had already provided was like yelling down a well. One fellow I spoke with suggested I send an email with all the ping and traceroute examples. Sure enough I did.

Below is the result of that email. Notice the date it was sent, and the date in which I got a reply.


This is now the joke that is Bigpond Tech Support Email.

The easy choice

While browsing realestate.com.au the other day I found something a little amusing. When presented with results like so below, it’s an easy choice which Real Estate agency one would use if you’d be interesting in the house (or if you use the other you’d certainly know the price could be negotiated somewhat).


Like I said, would be an easy choice.