Holiday over and gallery of pictures now online

Our Holiday is over, infact it was over as of last Friday when we got home. Over the weekend I managed to upload a good selection of photos from the trip, then can be found here.

The trip was good, the Australian Open matches we saw on the last few days of the trip were fantastic.

From last count it looks like the Golf did about 5030km for the entire trip. I’ll tally up the approx litres of diesel, but at this stage it was about 5.5 tanks (each tank about 45-48 litres each) of diesel.

Road Trip

Our trip down to Melbourne wasn’t bad. The fuel economy on our diesel Golf was very good. Very impressed to say the least.

We managed to do 894km on 48 litres of diesel, we certainly could of gone a bit further but when we passed a fuel stop we decided to fill it up, rather then push on the next 10 or more kilometres before we hit Geelong. So all in all that is an excellent result. As I am sure alot of folks would agree.

Weather is certainly nice, not as hot as we’d hope. But still nice enough. I hope it’s raining back in Sydney, as our water tank needs a bit of a top up. Our lawn and plants could do with the rain too.

Below is a picture we took today, will upload more when we get home (or get some faster connectivity).


I swear I have seen that ship before

I noticed today that a certain ship cruised into Sydney, and I thought to myself it seemed somewhat like a ship we saw last year while we cruised from Alaska to Canada. The more I thought about the more I am certain it’s the same ship.

The following photo was taken from the cruise ship Sapphire Princess. As you can see our ship we were on was a lot bigger, 2970 passengers I believe from the princess cruises website. The ship docked behind us in this photo is the same ship that just sailed into Sydney today. Very impressive nonetheless compared to the Sapphire Princess.