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Tube now water tested

We purchased a tow tube thing for the boat some many many months ago. It was only over the break that we got a chance to use it for the first time. It’s safe to say it is now water tested.

Pictures below mark this occasion.

Carnival Spirit – 8 Day cruise

Just got back today from a cruise on Carnival Spirit. We went for 8 days and it was good cruise. Had a good time, got to relax a bit and see a few ports I’ve seen before. Will be posting more pictures from the trip in the coming week, however below is a quick tease.

Captured this one from Noumea, where the Spirit docked in the Freight Terminal, as it cannot fit into the Passenger Terminal.


Freight Terminal - Noumea
Freight Terminal – Noumea

I’ve parsed the photo via a filter to give the picture a miniature look.

Voyager of the seas – Sydney 2 night sampler cruise

My wife surprised me with a 2 night sampler cruise on Royal Caribbean Voyager of the seas.

We had a wonderful time without the kids, and my mother took the kids while we were gone, so that was good too.

Below is some pictures from the trip;

In addition, if you’d like to see some of the daily planners from the trip you can access them from below, as I brought them home and scanned them so others could see.

Daily Planner – 07 Nov 2013

Daily Planner – 08 Nov 2013

Along with some other documents we got on board.

Voyager of the seas – The officers and staff onboard (Nov 2013)

Portofino Menu (07 Nov 2013) – Specialty Restaurant onboard

Voyager of the seas – As you arrive (07 Nov 2013) – Map

The ship is to have a refit on its way back to the US for next season, so when it comes back to Australia next year it will have only had one season in the US post the refit. I’d hope they put some Australian power points, as from the pictures you will see that our room had 2 x US based ones, which is not a big deal, just take a converter and ensure you only use power bricks that do dual voltage (most modern stuff does). If you forgot, you can loan one from room stewards as request, although don’t forget to return it as it will incur a charge.

Quad Bike Stockton Sand Dunes Tour

We managed to squeeze in a quad bike tour on Stockton Sand Dunes and it was a blast. We ended up doing an early morning tour and it turns out we ended up being the only 2 people on it.

This made for a great tour and Dean who took us out was good too. Very fun.


Port Stephens – Day 5

Have fallen a bit behind in the posting of pictures, however today is day 5 and I do have time to post a couple of pictures from today.

Whales seen to be at play from the look out called the Summit.
Wonderful view of Shoal Bay from the walking track heading up to the summit.
Looking towards Fingal Bay. If you time the tides right you can use the sand bar to cross, but time it wrong and you won’t get back.

Port Stephens – Day 2

Here is some pictures from Port Stephens – Day 2. It was a very hot day and extremely windy. Unfortunately the day was marked by some terrible fires here in the region.




RFS rushing to a fire. This truck had 4 police cars in front of it just 2-3mins earlier.
RFS rushing to a fire. This truck had 4 police cars in front of it just 2-3mins earlier.


Dolphin doing circuits just outside the breakwater.
Dolphin doing circuits just outside the breakwater.


Port Stephens NSW

While we have been only in Port Stephens for a day so far we have managed to take a few pictures and do a few things.

This is not the first time we have been here, in fact we came here 2 years ago and stayed in the same place.

View from our accommodation


Looking into Marina
Looking into Marina


Seal spotted on our cruise.
Seal spotted on our cruise.


A whale spotted on our cruise. They seemed very active at times.
A whale spotted on our cruise.


Carnival Cruises – Steakhouse menu

We are booked on another cruise in 2014 with Carnival and thought this time we might try the Steakhouse, since both our kids will be able to attend kids club.

We didn’t know what was on the menu, so with the help of someone who recently went on a cruise who captured a copy of the menu at the time, we’ve been able to see what possible items might be on the menu when it comes around. Thanks to Phill Sutton for providing the pdf scans.

If you’d like to see it also, you can download/view it by clicking on the PDF image below;

Pedego Electric Bike

Recently while on holidays, I had the chance to hire our a Pedego Electric Bike. I must say I really liked it, was tempted to honestly buy one, but probably not the best idea.

My wife liked it too, until she had tumble. Shes is alright, just got a few scratches and sore.

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