LiPo battery failure

Dug out my LiPo 3S batteries on the weekend with the intent of charging them up for some use in the Traxxas E-Revo brushless. Unfortunately it appeared they had gone bad. As I revived one of them I found one of the cells had gone and the other I never bothered tinkering with.

I’ve since wrote them off as failed and purchased a new set. Now waiting for the new ones to arrive so I can have battery connectors soldered onto them.

Turnigy Brushless 4WD Monster Beatle Replacement Steering Servo

Following on from my previous post over here.

I can confirm that if you do need a new steering servo for this model, I would recommend the following below;

HK15148B Digital Servo 19g / 2.8kg / 0.14s

You can buy it from the Global store here.

I purchased the above servo and it fits exactly in place where the original one was in the car.

Now my son can use his car once more.

Turnigy 1-16 scale brushless 4WD Monster Beatle Parts

Readers and followers will know I bought my 4 year old a Turnigy 1/16 scale brushless 4WD Monster Beatle, however he managed to strip a servo.

I ordered a replacement, however the replacement I ordered is not a direct fit. I thought it was,  however it wasn’t. So to help others avoid this happening, the part I ordered is the one below.

Turnigy TGY-9018MG Metal Gear Servo 13g / 2.5kg / 0.10s (Global warehouse)

It can be made to fit by creating new mounting holes for the short side, however I don’t feel as though it works as good, but we will soon see. See my pics below, might help explain what I mean.

From my additional research, it looks like the one below is a direct replacement for the original. However better quality internals, so it should last longer.

HK15148 Analog Servo 17g / 2.5kg / 0.14s (AUS warehouse)

Turnigy Brushless 4WD Monster Beatle suffers first failure

I didn’t really post about this, but I gave my 4 year old son a 1/16 scale Turnigy Brushless 4WD Monster Beatle that completely adores. You can check it out over at HobbyKing via the direct link here.

He is allowed to use it when supervised and in a nice open area like a park, since running it on 2S LiPo means it moves pretty quickly. This could of been limited by the use of a more expensive controller, but I opted to get all the bits from the Australian Hobbyking Warehouse to limit postage costs.

Anyways, long and the short of the story is that it suffered it’s first failure. The steering servo looks as though it probably has stripped some gears, although I am not surprised as everyone mentioned this would probably happen. I think the main reason it did as he actually ran the thing into an object by accident.

Not to fear, some spare parts ordered on Sunday.

Still impressed with the Remote Control car itself, as its a lot of fun for the price.

Healing nicely

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since the mountain bike stack, and I am healing nicely. Still pretty sore around my ribs, but getting back to normal shape.

Will be on the bike again any day now, just as soon as I find the time. As I had been away for the last week on holidays, and managed to do a bit of swimming, which immediately had me notice just how sore I still was in some parts of my shoulders and ribs.

I think I have a good respect now for the section of track I stacked it on. Think I might avoid it for a bit, as it’s not fun coming off on that sort of surface.

Nitro Revo 2.5R goes to heaven

Unfortunately the Nitro Revo 2.5R I have suffered some issues several weeks back. I had it run away from me and then several weeks later I went to use it again and found it had issues starting.

I gave up in frustration and ordered an e-revo (after selling off my other 2 electric cars). Courier came early today to drop it off, but didn’t seem to knock or hang about. Now I have to head to the courier depot tomorrow morning to pick it up.

I got a blue model, should look great. Will get some new batteries for it, in the meantime will need to use the ones it comes with and my old LiPo’s.

For more information on the Traxxas E-Revo check out the following site link here.

EDIT: on the bright side, I now have a fair few spares from the old nitro that will work on the e-revo model.

Rain, rain and more rain.

Sydney has been getting a fair bit of rain of late. Each weekend we have managed to get a bit of rain too. Which means being unable to do much outside.

On the upside, the grass seems to be growing so fast it’s hard to believe. Problem is, you mow the lawn and then within days of doing so it’s needing another mow. All we need now is for the rain to ease up a bit so that those lawns can get another trip.

I’d love to be able to run the remote control car a little more, haven’t had the chance to do so due to the weather. Managed a short go late today and then we got a serious storm in the late afternoon.

I wish I got a video clip of the water tank overflowing. The rain was very heavy and the tank was overflowing with a very high flow rate of water. Pretty impressive to see, but shame we didn’t have another tank to collect all that water. Oh well.

Managed to get a replacement air compressor today and a friend gave me a tyre pressure attachment, so I can pump up my car tyres when I want. No more need to visit the garage to use the tyre pump. Sweet.