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Faulty Seagate drive – returned

Filled out the RMA form online with Seagate and printed out RMA slip. Just sent the drive back for replacement.

We’ll see how long it takes to be replaced.

Drive Failure

It would appear the Seagate 320Gb drive I’ve been using in an external case decided to start giving some errors. It ONLY started to happen once the drive got certain capacity. Lost a number of days of recorded TV as the drive is used as my recording drive for my Mac Mini.

Ran Seatools over the drive it has about 90+ LBA surface errors. Repair completes, but short test fails again with a new one. Looks as though it is terminal. I managed to pull most data off the drive, but the recorded programs in the section of the LBA surface errors would not be obtainable. Oh well.

Replaced it with a Samsung 500Gb drive which I purchased yesterday. This new drive is SO quiet, not to mention very well priced.

Absolutely Brilliant

Picked up an Apple AirPort Express, and I must say the thing is absolutely brilliant.

We wanted a way to send music from our iTunes to the Home Theatre setup in the down stairs lounge room. So we decided to get an Apple AirPort Express. It works really well. I’ve configured it to connect to an ethernet port in that room so I can extend the wireless network from the office upstairs. So it’s configured to do this, as well as do AirTunes to the Home Theatre. We have a speaker set in dining room and outside entertainment area from the Home Theatre setup. So perfect for entertaining etc.

All in all it works really well so far. Was super easy to configure, as the AirPort Utility is pretty damn spiffy.

Highly recommended. I guess I better continue to import all our audio CD’s as I have been doing on and off for months now since moving into the house.

Reinstalled iMac and tested out new Apple Keyboard

I decided 2 nights ago that I would backup my iMac and reinstall it. It didn’t really needed it, but I was in the mood to give it a good tidy up. I’d managed to clutter it up a little in recent weeks and wanted to give it a fresh bit of life. This time I will be more aware of what I install on it.

Further more I also wanted to test out the new Apple Keyboard, so I hooked it up and was using it. Needed to install Keyboard Software Update to get the special keys to work. But it seems to work fine, I don’t mind it at all. If I had to pick something about it, I would have to say the location of the USB ports on it. I prefer the location of the USB ports on the older model keyboard.

I’ll do a post in a few weeks time with all the fancy applications I use. Some of them are free, which is good. I’ve found applications in the past only by chance or by someone recommending it. So hopefully by doing the same, I can enlighten someone else.

New iMac 20″

The new iMac 20″ arrived that we had on order. Decided a few weeks back that it would be nice to swap to an iMac 20″ as the primary machine I use for general use. Been using the Mac Mini and ACD 20″ for the last 10 months.

Decided that the AMD64 tower that I had was getting a little too loud, and something else was in order.