PC Gaming

I recently acquired a 2nd hand video card, and proceeded to purchase Battlefield 4. I really like the game but after a week of playing it. I soon determined I wasn’t so good and perhaps PC Gaming is not something I should be doing.

Think I will give PC Gaming a skip and stick to the odd game of Minecraft with my kids.

YAMS – Yet another Minecraft Server

Several months ago I had been running a Minecraft server for my son and I to play on. He thought it was wonderful. However, the machine got rebuilt and the server was unavailable for a while. That was until last night.

Couple weeks back I found a program called YAMS, which per the subject of this post means Yet another Minecraft Server. I liked how you could run multiple servers, and some other key features. So I decided to install it, since I could run it on a Windows computer, rather than use Linux like I had been previously. I love Linux, and it runs fine, but I just wanted to use Windows so I could take advantage of the hardware to perform other things.

I finally got it installed and configured last night. Now all we need to do is to test it. I also download Bukkit and setup a server using it. So we can now run a couple of servers and just use a web based GUI to configure it. Now the what plugins to download and install. Guess we have some playing to do.

If you need to download the Bukkit library, it was taken down due to legal issues. But a mirror exists and I found the following mirror here (Yive’s Mirror).

Below is a picture of the YAMS Control dialog;


New Game Purchases

Just happened to look at EBGames website and noticed they had a sale running yesterday. Don’t even know why I looked, guess it was meant to be.

I looked up some games and turns out 2 games I wanted to buy are book on heavy discount for new copies, so I thought why not. One game is for me, the other game is for my kids.

Below is what I purchased;


(PS3) – Battlefield 4 – Yes, not really something I would play on a Console, but for $19 I thought it would be good to have a play of this older title now.


(Wii U) – Lego Marvel Super Heroes – My kids have got into the characters recently, so I thought this would be a good purchase for them to play on the Wii U. Looks like a pretty good game to me too. This title only cost $23 for a new copy. So again great price.

Minecraft – New fan

My kids are both very interested in Minecraft and basically would love watching it played by others.

Recently purchased it for my oldest child, and while he hasn’t played much yet, I have played it a little and surprised I actual like it.

I think you could say I am a new fan to Minecraft, and will probably play a little myself. I like the challenge in survival mode. It’s pretty difficult at times when you have no real resources.

A friend has recommended I setup a server and that way my son and I can both play on that server and be on the same map etc. Will certainly give this a go in coming weeks.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 has been enjoyable

Been a while since I posted, been very busy with work. Not to mention been spending time playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 as often as I can. Really enjoying it so far, looking forward to Battlefield 3 coming out in Oct.

I recently picked up an EVGA GTX570HD card for the Intel i5 system and this card performs nicely. Makes playing the game so much more enjoyable.

Purchased a new PC game

I use to love playing Battlefield 2, however this game is a bit long in the tooth. And I built my new system to play Battlefield 3, when it comes out.

So to hold me over for a few months, I decided to purchase Battlefield Bad Company 2, as I heard from friends it is good (who play it). So I ordered it from ozgameshop (as recommended to me from another friend recently). It was $20.99 shipped to Australia. Good price.

Will post back my experiences with ozgameshop, however I am not expecting anything but a good experience, much like I have got with Play-Asia in the past, whom I also use from time to time.

New PS3 game additions

Picked up two new games for the PS3 over the Christmas period. Both gifts, one from my wife and the other from my mother.



COD:WAW is a great game, solo mode is good. Network play is good fun also, although I am by no means great, I still enjoy it.

Fallout 3 is good too, the map is huge, but I am finding it quite difficult, as I tend to run out of ammo quickly. Oh well still lot’s more things to do in the game. Only at level 4 approx.

If anyone is looking for a new game, certainly take a look at either of these.


I’ve had WarHawk on PS3 now for a month or so, my lovely wife got me a copy from DSE for a bargain price.

Not really played much, but have been making a bit of effort to play. Try to get on when a mate plays so we can play on the same map/server.

Last night I had a good few rounds, I’ve certainly got my favourite maps. Managed to snag about 5 awards in game and then also managed to have a few good scoring rounds. I am by no means great at this game, but its good when you have a good round every so often. Especially when you sometimes only score a few single digit figures in other rounds.