Happenings in 2011 so far.

Domain was moved to another registrar, one that provides dns record hosting at no extra charge. Still yet to enable all the dns records and redelegate domain. Will get around to it soon. It just means less work if/when I change hosting at various times, the domain can remain delegated to the same nameservers.

Study has stopped for the moment, as I am about to change jobs, so will need to focus on learning some new products with the new employer. Going back to doing tech support, something I have enjoyed for a long time, so it should be a win win situation in the long term. It also means no more endless O/T at the drop of a hat, no more on call too. Certainly a win win in that respect.

In other news, my wife and I are expecting our 2nd child. Due towards the end of June at this stage. Things going well so far.

Darwyn is about to turn 2, and has been walking now for some weeks. Although it did take him a little while to start doing it.

Domain Registration

While I was away visiting family, I had to get a domain registration completed.

We registered the .org.au on the 25th Dec, and to the surprise of us all it was completed in the early hours of 26th Dec. Not bad considering it was Christmas and all. Very impressed.

Configured Google Hosted to host the email for the domain in question, then configured a small WordPress setup for the domain itself on our linode VPS server. Now to show Heidi’s mum how to use it, then let her go crazy with WordPress.

The domain and website is for the Kings Christian Church Temora, which can be found here.

Another year older.

A few days ago was my birthday. So I am another year older. Doesn’t really feel any different I must say. But the time sure does fly by.

I got some nice gifts from my wife and family. Picked up a new Hyperion battery charger, which is the model as shown here. Along with it I also got 2 x 3S 11.1v LiPo batteries. Thus the need for the newer modern charger. A framed photo of Darwyn with Santa (his first one). Last but not least also got I Am Legend on Bluray and a Madonna audio cd. All in all a good number of gifts to celebrate the day.

Traxxas Revo 2.5R Nitro

Had my trusty Traxxas Revo 2.5R Nitro Monster Truck working today, however just as I was getting into the swing of things, noticed the rubber between the exhaust and engine sprung a leak.

Guess I will need to order a replacement when I order a few parts in the next 2 weeks. At least I had the unit running again, will give a tune another attempt once I fix the above mentioned part.

Still waiting on our Rustler VXL Brushless buggy to show up. Still no update on the tracking website. Hoping it arrives sometime this week. Will post some pics and video footage eventually.

Life as a parent

It’s difficult being a parent I’ve found. It seriously takes lots of time to be a dad. Even so I enjoy it.

While I have been busy, I am now making a commit to continue to post and try to post often. I certainly enjoy sharing what is going on. So hopefully everyone should continue to see some regular posts.

Feel free to comment and/or contact on any posts. Always welcome feedback, be it praise or not.

Extremely busy

I’ve been extremely busy lately, although it’s not an excuse not to be posting. Hopefully as things settle I will start to post a little more often about what is happening, especially what I might be up to.

I just noticed 2 very interesting talks taking place at the meeting tomorrow for SLUG. I honestly wish I could go to listen to both talks, however don’t think I can spare the evening. Maybe someone can let me know if the meetings are recorded in some way and made available for viewing. Although I suspect maybe not.

Today is my 2nd day back at work after 2 weeks off. Took 2 weeks off to spend with the wife and our new baby boy Darwyn. Will be sure to post more pictures of Darwyn as soon as I sort out how I want to host them.

I’ve moved the blog location on the server, have decided to just keep it at the top level of our domain, since I don’t really have any other plans for it. Besides maybe eventually my wife might want to chime in and post sometimes (maybe only when we are away on holidays possibly).

Richard Black: Rest In Peace

It’s with sorrow I announce the passing of an Uncle. We were informed yesterday evening that things had taken a turn for the worse. My wife and I were planning on travelling up to Bathurst to see my Uncle tomorrow morning, however it appears that wasn’t meant to be as he sadly passed away in the afternoon of today.

He will be sadly missed by his family and friends.

Rest in peace.

The countdown continues

Certain readers might not be aware, but my wife and I are expecting our first born in just over 5 weeks time.

We’ve managed to get the car seat installed, wash all baby clothes we’d purchased. In addition we have purchased everything that has been required and of course setup up the room for the baby.

I’d admit the time has gone pretty quickly. I am glad we are very well prepared and have managed to get everything done.

Getting pretty excited now.

Go see Marley and Me

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, go see it. Marley and Me was a good movie. It’s amazing how much Marley reminds me of our dogs, or at least one of our dogs. Buddy was very similar, and even though that’s how he is. We still love him just the same.


As you can see above, Buddy and Bindi having a sleep. Buddy always seems to get the thicker dog bed of the two.

We love them both so much.

What is heimic?

What is heimic? Well if you don’t know then I’ll certainly explain. It’s quite simple really.

When I met my wife we decided at some point that we should create a domain that is unique to us. I’d previously had a number of other domains, but now we needed something a little more unique to us both. So after a bit of thought it suddenly dawned on me an idea. I took the letters from both our names and created HeiMic. Thus heimic.net was born.

Told you it was simple? Didn’t I.

Below is an extract from the closing of the Wedding DVD we got from our Wedding. Watching this brings back some good memories of the day. Hope you enjoy it.