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Internal Stairs

We are lead to believe from Electrician that the internal stairs should be installed in the house today. They were being delivered and installed.

I hope to go past tonight to confirm this did happen, as well as check that the alarm cables for the control board have been pulled back through the correct side of the wall, since it wasn’t performed as I advised. I did tell them not to pull anything through and leave in wall cavity. However found out later that day they pulled them through, but the wrong side. So advised site manager it has to be pulled through the other side (and much higher up).

Will check tonight we have internal stairs installed, and then confirm the alarm cable runs have been corrected (not to mention check all of the cable runs have been pulled through, and none left behind in the wall).

Somewhat annoyed

To say I am somewhat annoyed would be an understatement. Just checked the mail and you wouldn’t believe it, but Elamond Homes have sent us a letter for another 3 day extension for 3 day’s last week. Those day’s are; 14/08/07, 16/08/07 and 17/08/07.

What’s more annoying is that on these days in question I don’t recall any rain being about, not to mention the fact when we queried them on the Sunday about what was going to happen that week, they only gave us some information 2 day’s later.

At this rate of course they will finish in contract period, cause they keep bloody extending it at every chance they have. As far as I was informed last week, only the gyprock was happening, and that started Friday (17/08) and took place, yet according to this letter they wish to claim it as an extensions day due to weather? So maybe they expected some other work to take place but couldn’t happen cause of weather? I say bullshit.

I know for a fact it didn’t rain Friday as I was on a rostered day off so I called into the house site twice. Of course gyprock was going up and no rain fell.

You’d think we were asking too much

Is it too much to expect regular updates on a house you’ve invested huge amounts of funds into. It would appear as though we probably are. I won’t even begin to mention some of my personal pet hates related to the process to date.

Let’s just say people tell fibs only to bring themselves undone several days later. Not to mention if you have someone indicate they will call you back, you’d hope that they indeed do. Although lately that’s not been the case, so you have to call them back anyways.

I’ll be so happy to have the house be complete then I won’t have to deal with complete idiots on a regular basis.

All wired up

Today was the day that we wired up the house. A friend with the help of his own brother came to install all the wiring for the alarm system. So that’s all the sensors in various rooms and also the window reed switches etc. All I can tell you is it was lots of cable.

While they wired the alarm stuff, I set about wiring in the number of cat5e cable runs I did from the various rooms. I wanted to make sure every area that had a tv in the future would have a dual cable run of cat5e. I managed to get this done. They all terminate back into the room we have made as our home office.

I then ran 2 more cables from the first phone point into the Kitchen and then into the home office. These will allow us to loop the phone line from the lead in to other parts of the house. In

Finally, a roof.

Finally, we have a roof. As of today the roof tiles were being installed onto the house, and it’s about time. Pictures below can be clicked for a slightly higher resolution version.

It’s taken nearly 4 months to get to that point. Can’t wait for it to get to lock up stage, as things should start to sail along from that.

Justin Field, forever remembered

Back in primary school I had a mate who was my best friend. We would always be at each others house doing various things do. It was always fun, and our parents thought a lot of each other. It was like having another brother. Especially for my best mate, as he was the only male in his family. Apart from his Dad.

I am sure I have photos of us both doing various stupid things, I should really dig around and try to find them when I move again. As currently I am still living out of boxes while our house is still being built.

As we went to High School we still hung out, although didn’t spend as much time doing things together, however still remembered the good times of primary school.

Unfortunately, his life was taken early when he was involved in an accident on Appin Road, which was by no means his fault. Just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Other people involved came out with various injuries, however Justin Field didn’t.

Just like clockwork his family members continue to publish something in the local paper every year, and below is that published item.

I’d just like to say that Justin Field will always be remembered by me and my family, as he was my very best mate from primary school.

And he will never be forgotten, thinking of you always mate.

Volkswagen is born

My wife and I had to purchase a new car, we ended up choosing the Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI Comfortline.

And yes, you heard that right. Turbo Diesel. Very happy with it so far, picture below.

And it’s SOLD.

As of today the cool off period on our house ended, and the real estate changed the sign to indicate it was ‘SOLD’.

Now to organise where to live, and then set about getting the new place sorted so that everything can happen. ie. it needs to be built. Which means sorting out getting various tradesmen to do some extra work for us during it being built. ie. data cables, alarm sensors and extra phone/tv cables ran.

House is going on the market

After a bit of thought on the situation, my wife and I finally decided that we would put our house on the market.

We have thought about it for a while, and when we went overseas the plan was to come home and then put it on the market before Xmas.

As of the weekend, we signed with the agent of choice. By tomorrow the paperwork for the contract should be complete. At which time we should arrive home to find a For Sale sign posted on the lawn.

Our house has served us well, but we seriously need to consider future things. Namely plan for children, so with that in mind we hope to build a place in one of the nearby suburbs. We had found a house plan we like, however it appears the blocks of land available are not as we liked. So we might even buy some land just up the road from where we live now, and build with a different builder. As it will be a bit cheaper then we had planned elsewhere. Probably about 20,000 cheaper.

Of course if and when the house sells, it means we will have to go rent for a bit. So I will probably loose broadband. Oh no..

Our 3rd year Wedding Anniversary

Tonight is our 3rd year Wedding Anniversary and my wife and I decided that we would eat out for the event.

We decided we would goto a local restaurant which we haven’t been to for atleast 3 or more years since it first opened. The first time we went the food was amazing and the restaurant was amazing too. The interior is very nice with all the sandstone walls.

We arrived at The Hermitage Restaurant and were seated fairly quickly, pays to book ahead just incase. I ordered a Snapper Fillet and I must say it was totally awesome. It came with Battered Fries and they too were excellent. My wife ordered Steak and it too looked very nice.

On the whole, an excellent evening and a wonderfull meal.

Happy to recommend this place, so if your in the area and want to eat somewhere that is nice. Go for it.