Dropbox basic 3 device limit

I’d long been using my Dropbox basic with more than 3 devices and never had any problems. That was until I configured a new system and got a email to inform me that I cannot add any more as it has a 3 device limit.

Dropbox… no new devices

The only annoying thing I find is that this limit clearly never existed, because I had long exceeded it with no problems. Suddenly its enabled and forced with no advance warning. Really a good way to annoy people by having no advance notice.

Justin Field, forever remembered

Back in primary school I had a mate who was my best friend. We would always spend time at each others house. It was always fun and our parents didn’t mind. For Justin it was like having another brother, since he had all sisters.

I am sure I have photos of us both doing various things children do. I should probably ask my mum if she has any as it might be good to dig these out and scan them as digital keepsake.

As we went on to High School we still hung out, although didn’t spend as much time doing things together.

Unfortunately, his life was taken early when he was involved in an accident on Appin Road, Appin. He just happened to be in he wrong place at the wrong time. Other people came out with injuries, however Justin Field wasn’t one of them.

Just like clockwork his family continue to publish something in the local paper every year and below is one of those such items.

Justin David Field

I’d just like to say that Justin Field will always be remembered by my family and I. He was my best friend growing up and we formed an incredible bond and friendship. He will always be forever remembered and missed.