New Puppy

We had been planning on getting another dog, however had been waiting for the right time.

This is Coco who is our new puppy and new addition to the family.

Coco - Beagle cross with King Charles Cavalier
Coco – Beagle cross with King Charles Cavalier

I am sure Buddy and Bindi will be looking down happy that we got another dog, however we did wait some time before doing so as we wanted to grieve for them.

Still miss them both. Long RIP Buddy and Bindi.

Still thinking of Bindi

It’s only been a few days and yet I can still find myself thinking about Bindi.

It’s incredibly hard to explain the situation, however I am sure most people can relate who have had to do it will understand what I mean when I talk about the statement below, which the bit I keep trying to process and I guess forget to a degree.

The bit that keeps going through my mind is my dog going from this lively thing to this lifeless body of blood and bone. That in itself is the hardest thing. While she was lively, she was still sick, but what I mean is alive and responsive to your voice, not to mention things around her.

This is certainly going to take some time to process, and I know it’s just part of grieving and mourning a loss.