New car

My wife and I had planned on buying a new car in 2014, however the type of car we planned to purchase did change. We had looking to get a 7 seater, and had settled on a Santa Fe diesel. However it appears the wait for these is quite long and we honestly didn’t want to outlay the cost for one in the end.

We decided instead to replace our VW Diesel Golf, which is my car. We decided to replace it with a Hyundai i30 CDRI manual. We ended up going for the Trophy model that just got announced with the new year sales.

We have arranged to take delivery of the car Tuesday this week in the afternoon. I’ve already seen it, it was at the dealership last Wednesday and I had a drive. Really liked it, and looking forward to taking delivery. Car needed to have a tow bar fitted and get registered.

Registeration is to happen tomorrow, and soon as that happens I will get the paperwork to sort out the insurance to commence on Tuesday, so we can pick it up as planned.

Will be posting a few pictures once that happens, as the only ones I have so far is some taken while it was in pre-delivery phase from my mobile phone.