New MTB for the wife

Got a new MTB for the wife. She opted to get the men’s model, as she wasn’t too keen on the women’s model and/or it’s colour choices.

It’s a medium sized one and rides rather nicely if I do say so myself. All we need to do now is to make a bracket to allow the mounting of the trailer we have for our kids, which I am going to adapt to use my own Giant MTB I already own. Just need to make a visit to the hardware shop for some items and we will attempt to make something up.

Healing nicely

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since the mountain bike stack, and I am healing nicely. Still pretty sore around my ribs, but getting back to normal shape.

Will be on the bike again any day now, just as soon as I find the time. As I had been away for the last week on holidays, and managed to do a bit of swimming, which immediately had me notice just how sore I still was in some parts of my shoulders and ribs.

I think I have a good respect now for the section of track I stacked it on. Think I might avoid it for a bit, as it’s not fun coming off on that sort of surface.

New Mountain Bike

Purchased a new mountain bike. Picked up a Giant Talon 3. Haven’t managed to take it for a good spin yet, as the magpies are swooping like crazy around my area. In addition it rained all weekend. Maybe next weekend it will get a ride.

Giant Talon 3

Meanwhile, on the exam/training front. I am trying to get through the ITILv3 Foundations material. Hope to sit this exam in Oct. Probably late this month after holidays. Then it will be back onto the Microsoft material. Hoping to finish up the 2 more possible MCITP’s for Windows 7. Will also want to finish the MCITP Virtualisation Administrator cert, which requires 2 more exams. Got plenty of things to do, so will be busy into next year easy.