G434 – Carnival Legend – Pacific Islands – Green Eggs and Ham

My wife and kids attended the Green Eggs and Ham breakfast, which is new thing for Carnival and  has been first rolled out to Carnival Legend cruise ship.

Below is a few pictures of the food from the menu for this event.

PA260054 PA260058 PA260057 PA260055 PA260053

Unfortunately my wife tells me that eating them for her was near impossible and after several bites had to get something normal. Believe she was referring to the Green Eggs and Ham.

G434 – Carnival Legend – Pacific Islands – Nouveau Restaurant

My wife and I also dined at Nouveau Restaurant while on board and captured a few pictures of our dishes.

The desert choice IMHO wasn’t so good, as it contained nothing I liked. The item I picked I didn’t like either, but wasn’t surprised. But everything else I had was amazing.

PA250004 PA250006 PA250008 PA250009 PA250011 PA250012

Carnival Spirit – 8 Day cruise

Just got back today from a cruise on Carnival Spirit. We went for 8 days and it was good cruise. Had a good time, got to relax a bit and see a few ports I’ve seen before. Will be posting more pictures from the trip in the coming week, however below is a quick tease.

Captured this one from Noumea, where the Spirit docked in the Freight Terminal, as it cannot fit into the Passenger Terminal.


Freight Terminal - Noumea
Freight Terminal – Noumea

I’ve parsed the photo via a filter to give the picture a miniature look.

I swear I have seen that ship before

I noticed today that a certain ship cruised into Sydney, and I thought to myself it seemed somewhat like a ship we saw last year while we cruised from Alaska to Canada. The more I thought about the more I am certain it’s the same ship.

The following photo was taken from the cruise ship Sapphire Princess. As you can see our ship we were on was a lot bigger, 2970 passengers I believe from the princess cruises website. The ship docked behind us in this photo is the same ship that just sailed into Sydney today. Very impressive nonetheless compared to the Sapphire Princess.