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CommVault Certified Engineer

And today I took an attempt at the CommVault Certified Engineer exam and passed. So I am now CommVault Certified Engineer.

I only need to complete one more which is the CommVault Certified Support exam, which I will do very shortly. At which point I have completed the set of 3 I needed to do.


CommVault Certified Administrator

Okay passed my CommVault Certified Administrator exam today. Happy to have it completed.

Now I want to revised the Support and Engineer material, might give these a go in the next few months. Might as well make the most of the material available internally and opportunities that present.


CommVault Simpana 9.0 SP2 recut DVD media available

CommVault Simpana 9.0 SP2 recut DVD media is available on CommVaults Maintenance Advantage site in the ESD software download area. Media is marked as April 2011 and now includes SP2.

Of course, don’t go using these new DVD’s to install agents into an older version of Simpana. i.e. 9.0 SP1a for example, as you will have unexpected results and an unsupported configuration.

CommVault Simpana 9.0 changing FTP site location details

As noted in this post, Simpana 9.0 SP1B onwards removed the ability to change the FTP site location used for updates via the GUI. If you’d like to modify these values, you can use the following qoperations to perform it from command line, you’ll need to first authenticate using qlogin etc.

Update with desired ftp location;

qoperation execscript -sn SetKeyIntoGlobalParamTbl.sql -si "Patch FTP Site" -si y -si "download.ftp.com"

Update with the username and password, using plain text:

qoperation execscript -sn SetKeyIntoGlobalParamTbl.sql -si "Patch FTP Site UserName" -si y -si "user"
qoperation execscript -sn SetKeyIntoGlobalParamTbl.sql -si "Patch FTP Site Password" -si y -p1 "password"

In the ftp site, do not include ftp:// as this is NOT REQUIRED.

Commvault Simpana 9.0 SP1a vs SP1b UI differences

As promised in yesterdays post, below is the UI differences I spotted after upgrading from 9.0 SP1a to 9.0 SP1b.

Simpana 9.0 SP1a
Simpana 9.0 SP1b

As you can clearly see, the Download From has been removed from the top most part of the window. I’ve had folks tell me they would change this URL to stop updates from being downloaded, even if autoupdate jobs got enabled.

I guess going forward, the URL that use to be displayed will need to be put into the hosts file and pointing to to ensure that if scheduled updates won’t download.

Upon further review of the Readme with the SP1b patch, I found the following, which relates to the above UI change on the product.

FTP Server information for download updates does not need to be shown to the user.
(Update 33815)