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Both CommVault Specialist tracks completed

Completed both CommVault Specialist tracks yesterday. Disaster Recovery and Storage. I am sure I still have plenty to learn, so will continue to develop my knowledge and skills. Logo for certification below.

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Oh so close

Attempted the CommVault Specialist exams available in the last 2 days and unfortunately failed to pass by 1-2 questions between the two of them. Oh well guess I need to do some serious review. I ended up doing one of … Continue reading

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CommVault Certified Support

Completed my CommVault Certified Support certification exam today. Decided to take a stab at it and passed easily enough. This concludes the 3 core certifications. Will now start to revise the 2 specialist ones and attempt these soonish. Hope to … Continue reading

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CommVault Certified Engineer

And today I took an attempt at the CommVault Certified Engineer exam and passed. So I am now CommVault Certified Engineer. I only need to complete one more which is the CommVault Certified Support exam, which I will do very … Continue reading

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CommVault Certified Administrator

Okay passed my┬áCommVault Certified Administrator exam today. Happy to have it completed. Now I want to revised the Support and Engineer material, might give these a go in the next few months. Might as well make the most of the … Continue reading

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