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LPIC2 Certificate arrives

My LPIC2 Certificate arrived by post today, so looks like I can now scan it and add to the collection of the others I have done in the last 2 years.

I’ve done a large number of certificates in the last 2 years, had planned on doing a few more. But going to take a bit of a break, since I am still learning so much at work. Best to focus on that for a little bit.

LPI Level 2 Exam 201 passed

I sat my LPI Level 2 Exam 201 today and passed.  Now all I need to do is tackle Exam 202 and I will get my LPIC-2 certification.

It’s certainly on the agenda to complete, will start reading the next few chapters. Might try and complete it prior to holidays. See what happens. Got a lot on at the moment with work.

LPI track

I should really follow my own advice sometimes, going to give the LPI certification stuff a go.

If anyone has had some recent experience in this, please let me know. Wouldn’t mind having a chat.

Nearly completed 70-620 Microsoft Press Book

After several weeks of reading, I have just about completed the book. Although I have already started doing prac tests and revision. In fact I’ve also already booked the exam. As I am confident enough to pass it. Although I just need to put in a bit more time doing some simulation review.

Like all humans, I too am scared of failure. But if I don’t attempt the exam, I may just put it off and off. So while they have that promotion on currently with a 2nd shot free, I might as well try.

Exam booked for 19th April. So ready or not, it will be an attempt. I am tempted to purchase a 70-622 book and do it next, then go do my 70-680 Windows 7 config as planned. Not sure yet. Will do the exam and then decide next action. Enjoyed reading the book though, and honestly learnt things about Windows Vista I probably never really understood. So win nonetheless I think.