Carnival Spirit – Cruise S614 – Isle of Pines

We reached Isle of Pines but the weather is not so good. Very overcast and humid. When the showers do stop the humidity can be felt immediately. Isle of Pines is still a very beautiful place though.




For the first time on all my cruises with Carnival, we noticed that the temporary roof on Lido deck was closed over. Was a good idea considering the weather has been a little bad the last few days. This also means that some activities scheduled to take place in this area will go ahead. i.e Evening Movies (also shown in the pictures below);


Dinner tonight was great. Had something I really enjoyed. Kids seem to have a good evening in Kids club doing the usual activities.

20160427_IMG_5079-720x48020160427_IMG_5080-720x48020160427_IMG_5081-720x480 20160427_IMG_5082-720x480

And below is a quick photo of the Pizza Pirate where you get pizza’s. Unfortunately it appears that they have gone from 2 staff members here to only 1 and this causes some significant delays with getting orders processed and also results in some mistakes during very busy periods. Something I pointed out to a officer who is responsible for these functions on the ship.



Carnival Spirit – Cruise S614 – Sea Day 1

The show tonight was 80s Pop To The Max from Playlist Productions. The show was very good. Would have to be one of the best shows I have seen on a cruise in a while.

Meanwhile, it’s surprising how much we see people using the internet for facebook and what not. Had 2 people at dinner tonight using social media from phones. Crazy. Why come on a cruise only to remain connected to that sort of stuff, not to mention the price of doing so is expensive in my opinion.

The seas are still rough now 24 hours later. It was so bad today that any open decks got closed off and you couldn’t use them. Also heard lots of conversations of people being very sea sick. You know it’s bad when they put out all the sea sick bags in the various lobbies.

Today is a sea day, and tomorrow is another sea day. We won’t reach Isle of Pines until the 28th of April.

Clocks are going forward an hour tonight.

I had another burger from Guy’s Burger and loved it. Very tasty.

Guys Burger – Carnival Spirit
Cheese Pizza
Jimmy’s C-Side BBQ – Pulled Pork Roll



Carnival Spirit – Internet Access Prices

I noticed while on Carnival Spirit for an 8 Day cruise that the internet services and cost structure has completely changed.

Below is a screen grab of the services you can purchase during your trip.


I must admit I really dislike the fact that I cannot purchase a couple of hours in a block and use them sparingly over the trip. As typically I go with out any internet access for the entire cruise and only purchase a couple of hours so that I can pay any bills while away (when absolutely required). However the costs above are so expensive I can’t understand why anyone would pay to use it for the entire cruise.

Will be providing feedback to Carnival Australia that they should work with provider who set this new infrastructure up to allow the purchase of hourly blocks which can be used any time in the cruise, not expired all at once from the 24 hours in which it was purchased.

Below is a speedtest result accessing a Sydney location from the middle of the South Pacific. Purely done for giggles if anything else.



Service while having a massive ping, was more than enough for web browsing and using email.

Carnival Spirit – Cruise S614

Soon as we left Sydney Harbour the seas seemed to become very rough. We had a swell of about 4 metres. We did however leave on time which was good.

Was surprised to see that the Carnival Internet rates and stuff has changed in a significant way. You can no longer get any sort of pay by hour rate, which I must admit seriously sucks. We only tend to use the internet to pay bills while away, however now you can’t do that and what’s available is very expensive and doesn’t suit our usage/requirements. This is a major negative in my opinion. You can read a bit more about that on the following blog post here.

It was certainly good to be back on board, as our last Carnival Cruise was back in August/September 2015 when we took the same ship (Carnival Spirit) from Singapore to Sydney (post it being in Dry Dock for 2 weeks for updates).

Below is a few images from the day. I wanted to focus on the food (from dinner in this case);






I did manage to also consume a Guys Burger during lunch time after boarding. Something I had been looking forward too prior to the trip for a number of weeks.

G434 – Carnival Legend – Pacific Islands – Green Eggs and Ham

My wife and kids attended the Green Eggs and Ham breakfast, which is new thing for Carnival and  has been first rolled out to Carnival Legend cruise ship.

Below is a few pictures of the food from the menu for this event.

PA260054 PA260058 PA260057 PA260055 PA260053

Unfortunately my wife tells me that eating them for her was near impossible and after several bites had to get something normal. Believe she was referring to the Green Eggs and Ham.

G434 – Carnival Legend – Pacific Islands – Nouveau Restaurant

My wife and I also dined at Nouveau Restaurant while on board and captured a few pictures of our dishes.

The desert choice IMHO wasn’t so good, as it contained nothing I liked. The item I picked I didn’t like either, but wasn’t surprised. But everything else I had was amazing.

PA250004 PA250006 PA250008 PA250009 PA250011 PA250012

Carnival Spirit – 8 Day cruise

Just got back today from a cruise on Carnival Spirit. We went for 8 days and it was good cruise. Had a good time, got to relax a bit and see a few ports I’ve seen before. Will be posting more pictures from the trip in the coming week, however below is a quick tease.

Captured this one from Noumea, where the Spirit docked in the Freight Terminal, as it cannot fit into the Passenger Terminal.


Freight Terminal - Noumea
Freight Terminal – Noumea

I’ve parsed the photo via a filter to give the picture a miniature look.

Carnival Cruises – Steakhouse menu

We are booked on another cruise in 2014 with Carnival and thought this time we might try the Steakhouse, since both our kids will be able to attend kids club.

We didn’t know what was on the menu, so with the help of someone who recently went on a cruise who captured a copy of the menu at the time, we’ve been able to see what possible items might be on the menu when it comes around. Thanks to Phill Sutton for providing the pdf scans.

If you’d like to see it also, you can download/view it by clicking on the PDF image below;