Do I believe in Karma?

I certainly do believe in karma. I do hope that the person who smashed into my car while it was parked in the car park today gets whats coming to them.

My wife pointed out to me that she noticed my car seemed to have some damage at the rear. Looks like some idiot has ran into the back of my car causing scratch and the fiberglass panel has some crease damage where I believe its compressed from impact and popped back out. However while doing this its not gone back to the correct shape, thus has damage that is still visible. Looks like the panel has some bends in it still when it should be flat.

I am really not impressed, but there was no note and unfortunately the area has no CCTV.

All I can hope for is that the person who did gets some bad karma from it. As they seriously deserve it. Who does that and doesn’t own up. Completely annoyed.

The only saving grace here is that I actually switched car spots with my wife today, so I parked her car where my car was and moved my car towards the far end of the carpark. So technically it could of been her newer car that got hit, if I didn’t do that.

I pointed out to my wife that today I nearly got wiped out in the carpark by a young P plate driver who failed to slow down and/or give way.

Seriously not my day today…

New Ratchet Tie Down Straps

On the account I’ve been using the trailer a bit lately. I thought it might be a good idea to buy some Ratchet Tie Down Straps, as these make securing things easier.

Purchased a pair of Grunt 38mm x 6m Ratchet Tie Down straps. As sold in Bunnings here.



Previously I would always carry some rope and also use the rope with a Tite-Tie, since I can never figure out how to make a secure knot.

I am sure I will continue to use the rope and Tite-Tie, but it will be good having a pair of Ratchet Tie Down Straps as needed.

The trailer I got for my birthday finally purchased

For my birthday late last year, I said to my wife it would be nice to perhaps have my own trailer.

Sure enough that’s what she got me, however I had held off buying it until it got closer to moving, as I don’t have anywhere to store it presently (unless my car parks outside – trailer takes my car space in garage).

Decided earlier this week, that this weekend was probably going to be the day to purchase one, as it will come in handy in the next few months.

I went to Mechid in Smithfield and purchased one. Got a 7×4 Highside with cage, in addition to a spare wheel and jockey. The staff I have to say very friendly and totally helpful.



Hyundai i30 Trophy CRDi

The day finally came. After waiting nearly a week, the new car was ready for delivery. Decided to mark the occasion with a blog post and a few pictures. Of course I should also say a few words below or post a few words in this case.

Today see’s us take possession of our new Hyundai i30 Trophy CRDi, and it’s the passing of the Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI which I traded in. The Golf served us well, and we thought it would be best to move to another diesel based car. Hyundai for us ticked the right boxes.

Here is a few pictures, just so we can remember just how clean and sparkling it was on day one.

IMG_3254e_low IMG_3253e_low IMG_3252e_low IMG_3242e_low

So far I would have to say I am totally impressed with the USB port. We plugged in my wife’s iPhone and was surprised that the music was able to be selected via album from the head unit of the radio. Further more when I played an album the cover art displayed on the head unit of the radio along with the song name etc. Will be sure to post a pic of that soon. It was also charging the iPhone while connected.

As you can see I got a tow bar fitted, and was surprised to see the wiring harness sits in the boot. It’s one of those flat ribbon cables that has enough length so that it can hang out the boot when in use. Never had one like this before. The Golf wiring harness had an adapter that plugged in and from this we could plug in the trailer wiring loom.

The difference in power from the VW Golf 2.0 TDI is certainly noticable. But this was expected, since we are talking 2 very different engines. i.e. 2.0L vs 1.6L. Although the i30 CRDi still manages to pull like a freight train. Gearboxes certainly a bit different, but both 6 speed manuals.

Will be sure to post back anything else I find with the car, but very happy with the purchase so far.

New car

My wife and I had planned on buying a new car in 2014, however the type of car we planned to purchase did change. We had looking to get a 7 seater, and had settled on a Santa Fe diesel. However it appears the wait for these is quite long and we honestly didn’t want to outlay the cost for one in the end.

We decided instead to replace our VW Diesel Golf, which is my car. We decided to replace it with a Hyundai i30 CDRI manual. We ended up going for the Trophy model that just got announced with the new year sales.

We have arranged to take delivery of the car Tuesday this week in the afternoon. I’ve already seen it, it was at the dealership last Wednesday and I had a drive. Really liked it, and looking forward to taking delivery. Car needed to have a tow bar fitted and get registered.

Registeration is to happen tomorrow, and soon as that happens I will get the paperwork to sort out the insurance to commence on Tuesday, so we can pick it up as planned.

Will be posting a few pictures once that happens, as the only ones I have so far is some taken while it was in pre-delivery phase from my mobile phone.