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Tube now water tested

We purchased a tow tube thing for the boat some many many months ago. It was only over the break that we got a chance to use it for the first time. It’s safe to say it is now water tested.

Pictures below mark this occasion.

Boat Launched

Today I was able to find a bit of free time to launch the boat. Was able to go for a joy ride in the Georges River.

Unfortunately the GoPro I took with me ended up being flat by the time I got to the boat ramp so wasn’t able to use it to capture any footage. Perhaps next time.

Will remember the day as the first time in any case.


Boat Licence Acquired

Today I went and did my General Boat Licence test. I have been reviewing material for perhaps the last few weeks on and off. Finally felt I knew enough to have a crack at the test. It would appear I was correct in doing this. I passed.

Now have my General Boat Licence.

Boat Purchased

My wife and I had been discussing for a while regarding a watercraft. We did think about getting a Seadoo Spark. However PWC (Private Water Craft) licence is expensive per year and required on top of a Boat Licence. In addition to this the areas where it can be used heavily restricted.

In the end we decided perhaps a boat would be better. This way we can use it as a family.

In the end the boat idea won out. We ended up obtaining an approx. 3 year old Polycraft 4.1 Challenger Open Deck with Suzuki 30HP 2stroke Outboard with electric start.

We will be sure to use it soon as we get a chance and finish off getting my Boat Licence.