PWC Licence Acquired

We’ve had a Personal Watercraft (PWC) for a while now. However I never upgraded my Boat Licence to a PWC one so I could legally operate it. So for all this time I was just a passenger.

Today marks the milestone where while I was away on holidays in Tweed Heads that I decided to book the PWC Licence exam and just get it done. Sure enough it was a good decision – I was able to pass and obtain it. So as of today I now have my PWC Licence.

Shiming – The Shimano clone

I’ve had a large number of bicycles in my time and loved tinkering with all of my bicycles over the years.

Noticed someone post a bicycle for sale and soon as I seen this it immediately made my think. Shouldn’t these say Shimano – because that is the brand that we all know and probably the one with the biggest market share for bicycle derailleur components.

My first thought is these must be some clone and/or rip off of Shimano brand. Little bit of research indicates others concluded the same thing.

Using ffmpeg via CLI to capture image from QSS301-04L-P4

I noticed that our QSS301-04L-P4 Security NVR has an RTSP service. I thought if it would be easy enough to access the live stream via RTSP and capture an image.

Turns out, it’s not that difficult and can be performed using ffmpeg. Once you have ffmpeg binary available for your platform, execute it like so.

ffmpeg -y -i rtsp://username:password@192.168.nn.nn:554/unicast/c1/s0/live -vframes 1 image-capture.jpg

The above example will capture image from c1 (Channel 1) and s0 (Stream 0 = main high resolution stream).