New Mini-ITX Case?

I’ve had a Mini-ITX system now for over a year. I built it sometime ago, and I built it with a BitFenix Prodigy case, however this case hasn’t aged the best.

The case is a nice, don’t get me wrong, I just feel as though it was knocked during transport and it made it very difficult to open. As time has gone on, it’s still very difficult to remove the side panels.

It occurred to me recently, I should probably upgrade a few items in this Mini-ITX system so I can once again get back into some PC gaming. A bigger Corsair Power Supply is on the list of items, since the Corsair Power Supply I have won’t drive a PCI-E video card. But it will be kept and used in a future build, as eventually I will upgrade to newer CPU and motherboard, which will be recycled back to a build that includes the Power Supply I kept from upgrade.

However, I am seriously considering the purchase of a new case, and since optical drives are not used much these days, I think the BitFenix Phenom might be the choice.

I’ll post back my thoughts on the case, if and when I purchase.

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Continued success with Intel DN2820FYKH NUC

Readers (if I have any *hehe*) will remember that I have been using Intel DN2820FYKH NUC’s. You can check out my previous posts about these from the link here.

Earlier last month I mounted them using the Vesa mounts onto the back of my LG 24″ displays. Picture below will show you what it looks when this has been performed, as the LG monitors have stands that don’t use the Vesa mounts.


Intel DN2820FYKH NUC mounted on Monitor Vesa Mount

As you can see from the above picture, this is a rather good way to position the NUC, and is now the way I have been using them since early December.

I’ve running Windows 8.1 Pro on one of my units now for a good period of time and must say I still like it. Sure it’s not the faster machine in the world, but for light duties it works very awesome. Just don’t go try and stream 1080P content from youtube with it.

Both my Intel DN2820FYKH NUC’s have 8GB ram and an Intel 802.11ac (dual band) cards. One unit has traditional 500GB notebook drive, and the other has a 120GB SSD.

If you have any questions at all regarding these units, feel free to contact me. Happy to share my experience with them.

Below is a screen capture from Windows 8.1 Pro Task Manager showing my typical usage after a few days.


Touching on Linux for a moment, the Ubuntu 14.04 when booted on the units detects all hardware, including the bluetooth/wifi card combination.

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Noontec N5 Gigalink a year later

It’s just over a year since I got my first Noontec N5 Gigalink, as per the post talking about it previously here.

I did upgrade the firmware, but things from that point for me didn’t go well. As the new firmware changed the UI in some major way, for the better I would think, however the stability of the device for me was terrible. It didn’t work as well as the existing factory firmware, and I couldn’t find any copy of the old firmware to even put back on.

The unit has pretty much sat in cupboard the last 7 odd months and not been used since.

In my honest opinion, I think the unit is pretty crap post firmware upgrade. Maybe I expect to much from it. Either way, I don’t use it any more.

If anyone can tell me where/how to get the original firmware, as noted below, I’d love to put it back on it.

It shipped with firmware;

J1.02K3_L1.04T Ver: 1.1.8_USB2.0_(CN36)

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Happy New Year – Welcome to 2015

Happy New Year – Welcome to 2015.

Hard to believe 2014 is now behind us.

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DashCamTalk website – great resource for Dash Cameras

If your interested in purchasing a Dash Camera, I would recommend doing research first to ensure you get the camera that suits your requirements.

I came across DashCamTalk website just today, and thought I would post about it, since it has great information.

It also has a good write up about the many different models of the G1W, which is one of the units I recently bought myself. I got a G1W-C, which is what I have used recently to capture footage.

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The last day of 2014

I must admit, it’s hard to believe that today is the last day of 2014.

This year seems to have gone fairly quickly. Not sure what 2015 will bring, but I guess we will soon find out as it rolls around.

I am going to try and blog a little more during 2015, so you might see more posts from time to time.

I previously got rid of my Facebook account, and after about 7 months used the service again. However, I recently as of early December removed my account again, this time I am trying really hard not to go back to use it. I am not really a fan of Facebook and it’s use by others to data mine things about you. Recent privacy changes from Facebook scheduled to happen from 2015, was a deciding factor for me to delete it prior to new year.

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Playing around with Jekyll

I was playing around with Jekyll and must say i really like it. I’d love to be able to process my blog into static html, and upload it to a web host where by it just gets served as static html.

However I was struggling with some aspects of the product. I wasn’t able to get the pagination working right, and subsequently I gave up at that point.

Decided I would stick with WordPress for a bit longer, and try to modify a theme to do what I want with my site/blog. I am not a designer, nor a web guy. So performing that kind of stuff is not natural for me, nor something I do lots of.

I wouldn’t rule out me moving to Jekyll in the future though.

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A week later and someone nearly runs me off road again?

I was out driving again down the South Coast, this is the 2nd weekend in a row I had to go south, and I had the Dash Camera rolling again.

Of course, you can imagine my surprise when the following happened below; (be sure to watch on youtube at 1080P).

I cannot believe that it happened again. Drivers don’t seem to check blind spots and these actions are going to cause accidents and possibly death/injury to someone under the right conditions/situation.

Yes I was pretty annoyed to have this occur to me again only a week later from the last time it happened.

In addition, I also captured the following clip below of a car who ran a Red Light and nearly caused an accident. It’s fortunate that the cars in front of me were not hit by this encounter.

Might need to start reporting these to the local police station and filling out any required paperwork. Today’s near miss could be tomorrow’s major accident for some of these people.

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A driver who has no regard for others.

Today the dash camera came in handy, as I had it installed in my car and running. Just as well as I captured this driver who has no regard for others.

You’ll notice at 100km/hr this driver pretty much just about wipes me out, and it was only avoided cause I jumped on the brakes and clutch immediately as they lane changed onto me that I avoided them.

No audio in the clip, as you could imagine I was pretty angry and said a few bad words. This could of been very serious had they actually hit me at that speed (considering the concrete wall diving the road).

People like this driver need to drive with more care, as a basic head check along with mirrors would of clearly saw me.

This person is going to cause an accident if they continue to drive in this manner.

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G1W-C Dash Camera – Test footage

Finally got our G1W-C Dash Camera and took some test footage. I picked this footage, as the car in the shot appeared to be a possible undercover Police car, as I caught a glimpse of a blue strobe light on the dash.

Funny enough, when I went back through my footage from 15mins prior to the footage above, the same car is visible again, so I think they must of been cruising around the 50km/hr zones looking for people not obeying the sign posted speed limits.

Footage in my opinion has come out rather good if you ask me.

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