Commvault 11 – Installation on a Client in a restricted network

Created a new video that demonstrates an installation of Commvault software onto a Linux client who resides in a restricted network. i.e. My client has no direct communication to Commserve.

If the video helps you, please provide feedback. This helps with the motivation needed to do this sort of thing.

Using ffmpeg via CLI to capture image from QSS301-04L-P4

I noticed that our QSS301-04L-P4 Security NVR has an RTSP service. I thought if it would be easy enough to access the live stream via RTSP and capture an image.

Turns out, it’s not that difficult and can be performed using ffmpeg. Once you have ffmpeg binary available for your platform, execute it like so.

ffmpeg -y -i rtsp://username:password@192.168.nn.nn:554/unicast/c1/s0/live -vframes 1 image-capture.jpg

The above example will capture image from c1 (Channel 1) and s0 (Stream 0 = main high resolution stream).

Blast from the past – BBStro from Central Park West

Came across some old archived files, and it contained an old BBStro from Central Park West.

Thought it might be a good idea to build a Windows installation where I could run the BBStro and get some screen grabs so we can remember what it looked like.

As I think as time goes on it will be near impossible to run this BBStro ever again.