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Music and Memories

Heard a song today that I haven’t heard in a very long time. Soon as I heard it I could remember one of the many times I heard it many many many years ago.

I can remember one of the many times we would be out driving in the car, and 2 the radio tuned to 2WS (now called WSFM). Being the 80’s you would of course get all the 80’s tunes. So hearing some of these now brings back fond memories.

The tune today that initiated a memory was Billy Ocean – Caribbean Queen.

Other songs that come to mind from this period of my childhood are below;

Good times.

Ubiquiti NanoStation Loco M2

It would appear that one of the two Ubiquiti NanoStation Loco M2’s that I purchased has suffered a fault.

I reset it to factory defaults and upon it restarting I noticed that I could only get a ping of about 4-5 packets every 60 or so seconds. It never stayed up long enough for me to get back onto the web interface to configure it again.

Attempted a recovery using tftp etc and got it to accept the firmware via tftp, at which point it reboots post the loading. Once again goes into the same condition. I’ve now submitted it for RMA and will set about sending it back.

Not really my luck with hardware sometimes.


Have recently signed up for Quickflix via a trial period. So far really enjoying it, so much so I will be continuing the subscription.

Will post tonight the movies I have seen and if I recommend them to be watched by others. So you will see a few more posts from me about the movies I have been watching.

Back to Macintosh

I’ve been wanting to buy another Macintosh for a while, ever since I sold the Mac Mini I had earlier in the year.

Plan was to go back to the iMac, however considering how old the current model is, it’s clearly due for update. But who knows when?

Decided to let my wife get a new machine this year, so I ended up buying a 2nd hand iMac instead, this will do what I need it to do. Already got Lion on it and all the other items, still a bit of applications to be installed and data to be sorted out. It’s not going to happen overnight, but I will get it all done over time.

Going to be good to have a single place where the two iPad’s can sync too.

Chicken Pox

Unfortunately both kids have got Chicken Pox, not the best thing to happen. Especially since the youngest wasn’t even old enough to get 18 month needles, thus he has it more so than the oldest son.

Goes to show that immunisation is a good idea, since the oldest son hardly has much of an outbreak of it, where as the youngest is covered. Poor little guy.

Storage Changes

As you will remember, a few posts back I mentioned getting a HP N40L Microserver.

These are certainly good servers, but I must admit it was a little on the loud side. Although could of been lived with, however I still loved just how easy the old Synology NAS unit was that I had prior to it.

So decided to sell off the Microserver, good thing too, as the demand for them is still high so I sold it quite easy without much loss.

Had intended to get 2 x Synology DS212j’s, however it appears the supplier was wanting to get rid of some legacy stock, so I picked up Synology DS109 and a DS109+. Plan on running both with a single 2Tb drive and test out the replication between them. At the moment I only have one 2Tb drive, will get another soon.

Will get a DS212j in a few months time and populate with 2 x 3Tb drives (as they drop in price).

So many things to say, just no idea how to express it

It’s been a crazy number of weeks. The family and I have done so much stuff, however it’s just so hard to express all those things. When I finally get time to type something I just don’t know where to start.

I guess I should be drafting posts and sending them once I have attached any photos and the like.

Maybe I might try this method.

Meanwhile, both boys doing really well. Nate is going through a cycle of teeth coming through at the moment and Darwyn is at that age where he is independent. Darwyn turns 3 very soon, which is surprising how fast it has gone. He also talks a great deal now and says so many variations of words.

My wife and I managed to find time to head to the movies today minus the kids. We saw The Hunger Games, and I thought it was okay. Don’t think my wife liked it much, guess we will need to make time to see something else in the coming weeks.

Got a few busy weekends ahead, so will be sure to post more things as they happen.

I’ve been meaning to get more involved with some linux related stuff, as I still love using Linux and promoting it’s use with others. I’d really love to contribute in some way to the Debian community, so might one day look into doing that. Love getting inspired by some of the folks on Plant Debian to be honest.

Back from Holidays in Victoria, Australia

Just got back from holidays. We spent a week in Victoria, actually Rosebud to be exact.

Had a wonderful time, will post pictures in the next few days, need to sort out a large number of tasks around the house. Namely wash the car, clean it inside. Will also need to mow the lawn and get a few other things done first.

It’s good to be home and have some decent internet connectivity again. Certainly do miss the ability to do the odd reading of news feeds etc.

New MTB for the wife

Got a new MTB for the wife. She opted to get the men’s model, as she wasn’t too keen on the women’s model and/or it’s colour choices.

It’s a medium sized one and rides rather nicely if I do say so myself. All we need to do now is to make a bracket to allow the mounting of the trailer we have for our kids, which I am going to adapt to use my own Giant MTB I already own. Just need to make a visit to the hardware shop for some items and we will attempt to make something up.

LPI Level 2 Exam 201 passed

I sat my LPI Level 2 Exam 201 today and passed.  Now all I need to do is tackle Exam 202 and I will get my LPIC-2 certification.

It’s certainly on the agenda to complete, will start reading the next few chapters. Might try and complete it prior to holidays. See what happens. Got a lot on at the moment with work.

New Digital Camera Canon DSLR 600D

Wife and I have been reviewing DSLR’s for a while now. We settled on a Canon 600D twin lens kit. As this was the model that had the features we wanted.

Took a few photos with it and very impressed so far. Now all I need to do is to understand all the features. Might have to do a bit of a course on how to best use it.

Witness to a pedestrian being hit by a car

I happened to be outside the office and happened to look at the traffic when the lights changed. As I walk across the intersection each and every day. I had just got to work 15mins earlier.

Unfortunately a car failed to give way to pedestrian light and managed to knock over a single pedestrian as they walked across the intersection.

It all happened so quickly, I just saw the car move off the light and thought they would stop, but they must of failed to see them for whatever reason and immediately I knew this was going to be an impact. The female walking wouldn’t of even seen it coming as it happened from behind. This happened on the corner of Pitt St and Bridge St, Sydney at ~8:05am.

Immediately called an ambulance to get assistance, and some other people (including driver) assisted the pedestrian. Help arrived pretty quickly, and it was nice that a Sydney bus driver who had time available blocked oncoming traffic lane until Police arrived.

I really hope the person is alright, as I wouldn’t want that to happen to anyone. Gave my details to attending officer and went back to work. I can still picture it in my mind as it happened.