Excellent resource for open source sounds

In my youth I ran a BBS, and I had a shareware cd that contained thousands of samples of different things. Quotes from movies, sounds of various things. Thought it was great, however must of lost it a long time ago.

Meanwhile, looks like a site was set up to make such things available to the general public under an open source license.

Check out FreeSound, as posted by Cool Tools website (which is where I seen it posted).

Router issues sorted

After playing around with the Billion 7800NL I managed to sort out something that solved my problem.

It appears the default setup doesn’t include any sort of QoS, so I played around and managed to create some rules which see to be performing what they should.

It wasn’t running out of connections, it seems to have just been starved of bandwidth at various times. Post those QoS rules being done, it’s now been stable for over 5 days. So that’s made me quite happy.

Internet Routers

It would appear our household really hammers the router, in fact so badly it doesn’t seem to cope after a few days.

I’ve got an old Pentium 4 here, so after running up pfsense on it for a 2nd time, it seems to handle things so much better. Plan is to use this machine for the next 6 or so months, while I continue to eye off a lovely ALIX 2-3 unit to take over from it. It’s just a matter of time before I buy one, as pfsense certainly seems to handle things nicely. I guess future purchases will be smart switch again to make use of the VLAN tagging (which will go nicely with our Ubiquiti UniFi Access Point too).

Will post picture of the ALIX 2-3 and other details when I do actually purchase one, it’s just a matter of timing on my part.