New mouse purchased

I bought myself a Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse a while back and was waiting on it arriving. It arrived while I was on holidays.

Just plugged it in today and must say I am quite impressed. The tracking is so fast and the settings that can be changed using the Razer software is awesome.

Be interesting to see how I cope with it’s use in Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 (when it comes out in the next few days).

The packaging it came in was quite nice for a mouse, in fact the best packaging I have seen for a mouse ever. Highly recommend it at this stage.

Firmware upgrade on motherboard renders Windows 7 boot with BSOD

I upgraded my motherboard firmware, and thought nothing of it. Turns out I should of been more concerned. Windows 7 now won’t boot and produces a blue screen of death (BSOD). Followed by the automatic reboot.

Oh well, been wanting to reinstall the Intel i5 system now for a few weeks on the account of some USB audio headset issues. So if the reinstall doesn’t resolve that fault, I will render the USB audio headset to the bin, and buy a new one.

Guess I got a bit of work ahead of me this week each evening. Glad I got a 2nd drive in the system, currently reinstalling onto it, and will pull the little data I had on the old system drive. Anything else needed is already on the 2Tb data drive in the system, which is not affected by the reinstall anyways.

1Tb drive install into Mac Mini

I am very tempted to pull my Mac Mini apart and install a 1Tb drive internally. The drive it shipped with is not big enough, and I am sick of having an external USB one connected.

Will give it a bit more consideration and possibly give it a go. I am not at all worried about doing it, as I was (long time ago) previously certified to work on Apple Portable and Desktop systems.

Will post more details if I end up doing it and what I thought about the whole process.

Order Billion 7800NL today, arrived in afternoon

Ordered the router early on today and as always ijk delivered it in the afternoon. Got to love same day deliveries.

Hooked it up and so far very impressed. Will give it a good workout tomorrow night (and/or Friday night).

Billion, I am so glad you supply a narrow power supply. This means we dont need to waste an extra power plug. I think all devices should be like this. So kudos for doing this on the routers power supply.

New router

Need a new router for home. Going to purchase a Billion 7800NL, so I hope this one doesn’t have issues with my line. I want something stable and that will handle a bit of connections. Seems it has a 8,000 connection NAT table.

Soon see, will order tomorrow and test it out later in week.


Excellent Service

You have to give thanks where it is deserved.

I’d like to give a thanks to Arc Computers in Liverpool, who assisted me today with the swapping of a front case (and all associated cables/PCB’s) of a Fractal Design R3 Define case. My one had faulty USB ports, which I believe was due to the cable + PCB having issues. So they advised to bring it back in and they would swap it out. Sure enough they did today. And I am pleased to announce with it all installed back into my system, it’s working as expected.

Thanks, and will be happy to deal with them again in the future. Good prices and excellent service.