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Dash Camera arrives – finally

The Dash Camera that I ordered several weeks ago, as posted about here has finally arrived.

Won’t be able to use it until my birthday, so I will post more about it once I have had a chance to install it and use it for a little bit. Will certainly also link to some video clips I take with it too.

Budget Dash Camera

I’ve been interested in a purchase of a Dash Camera for my car. I have long time kept an eye on a few models that contain so many features, however have a very high price tag.

I noticed recently that a budget model came up with a good discount via OzBargain site. It was posted here, via one of the newsletters. Thought it was a perfect time to purchase one of these budget models, since the footage looks good and the footage is what I am most interested in currently.

Will be sure to post back my experiences with this Dash Camera, however it’s a back order item for now and I don’t expect to get the unit for at least a month or more.

Unit purchased is a;

G1W-C 2.7inch 1080P Full HD Car DVR Dash Cam Capacitor Model