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Reconfigured my Dual 24 inch Display Setup

I was originally running a Dual 24 inch Display Setup at home, after only recently acquiring it several months ago. However after about 2 months of running without it, I decided I should reconfigure it all back. Since I have … Continue reading

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I have a FitBit Flex

As of Jan 5th I started back on the healthy eating and trying to stick my daily calorie in take that would allow me to loose weight with health actives like walking and cycling (when I get the time and … Continue reading

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HTS Tvheadend 3.9.2332 screen capture

I reinstalled Ubuntu 14.04 Server on to my Intel NUC I have and hooked up my Realtek USB tuner. I was surprised to see that HTS Tvheadend has changed a bit since I last had it installed. Was happy to … Continue reading

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Google Drive Direct Download of large files

If your in a situation like I just described on the subject, you will be thanking me and the person I am about to link too. I was in a situation today where I needed to download some large files … Continue reading

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On Jan 3rd I was driving back along the Hume Highway heading north. I think we had just passed Gunning a few minutes earlier, and something caught my eye. You can hear me in the audio of the clip where … Continue reading

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Case Change – Corsair

As per my last post here. I’ve been trying to work out what new PC case I should buy. After some consideration and further research, I think I will end up buying a Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-03. I plan on … Continue reading

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New Mini-ITX Case?

I’ve had a Mini-ITX system now for over a year. I built it sometime ago, and I built it with a BitFenix Prodigy case, however this case hasn’t aged the best. The case is a nice, don’t get me wrong, … Continue reading

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Commvault – Demo of using FTP to upload items onto qnftp01 site

When it comes to uploading via FTP to the Commvault support site (qnftp01), it seems the most common problem people face is confusion when they see a directory listing that contains nothing. I created this video clip several months ago, … Continue reading

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Simpana 10 – Enabling Pre-Check Operations During Update Installation

I wasn’t aware of this until recently, so it was a good thing to find….. In Simpana 10 a number of Pre-Check Operations performed during the push of Updates from the Commserve are disabled by default. Those Pre-Check Operations are … Continue reading

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Continued success with Intel DN2820FYKH NUC

Readers (if I have any *hehe*) will remember that I have been using Intel DN2820FYKH NUC’s. You can check out my previous posts about these from the link here. Earlier last month I mounted them using the Vesa mounts onto … Continue reading

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