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Eaves completed on the ground floor

Went past house to check on progress and found out that the eaves have been completed on the ground floor and the porch has completed. In addition the side (corner) treatment completed to meet council regulations of a corner block. If I had my choice the side pergola thing wouldn’t exist, but it’s required by council. These will be painted I imagine in coming weeks. Color will be the same as the cladding.

IMG_20160127_195609405 IMG_20160127_195637298 IMG_20160127_195800874

Painting started

This week saw the Eaves, Cladding and Downpipes to be painted. This needed to be completed before the scaffolding comes down which is scheduled for Monday 21st December. We had been told this painting would take place Thursday or Friday, but when this didn’t happen we got told it would of been today. Sure enough it was.

2015-12-18 2015-12-18_Pic02

Frame – Day 3 Morning progress

Went past the house to see progress and next level is well under way. Appears yesterday they completed all the joists and flooring. Delivery clearly came for next level frame.

Noticed we had a window delivery, and asked when that showed up. Carpenter said it arrived today in the morning.

We have windows…
Double Garage – Roller door at the rear (will be concreted later on – so I have somewhere to store my trailer(s).
Front of house – Porch
Rear of House – alfresco area (2 bedrooms above facing back of block)

Starting to look very real now.

Frame Carpenter onsite and frame being installed

Drove past the house on my way to work and the Frame Carpenter was onsite and frame was being installed. Indication was that ground floor would be done all today if weather holds out (as it was looking like it might rain).

Photo_1_13-10-2015_8-31am Photo_2_13-10-2015_8-31am

Will go past tomorrow and grab a photo on what progress was made.

Updated Schedule – September

Requested an update from Site Supervisor and was advised that the expected schedule of next items are;

  • Frame on site (Delivered) – 12th October.
  • Carpenter to start – 13th October.
  • Plumber on site at – 19th October.
  • Bricklayer to start – 22nd October (although they are running late already, so hoping he is not to far behind start date).

External plumbing was to be completed today, however, this has been delayed. It just needs to be done before 12th October.

Form work completed

As you can see from the photos, we went to check on house progress and found that the form work had been completed.

Photo_1_17-09-2015pm Photo_2_17-09-2015pm

Now it’s ready for slab.