Elf on a Shelf

Since 2014 we have had an elf in the house. In 2014 and 2015 he was called Leonardo. This year he is called Elfie. He is a lot of fun.

The idea is that he appears at night and the kids have to find him in the morning. Then he sits somewhere and watches them all day but they aren’t allowed to touch him or he looses his magic. He then reports back to Santa at night about their behaviour that day.

Here is some of his antics so far:







img_6477 img_6467 img_6432 img_6473 img_6486

img_6489 img_6497


Shower in ensuite

We have finally decided on what to have. Can’t say I am thrilled about the cost but I am hoping it will be worth it.

We have gone with a double one of this:


That means all variations now done. Only thing financial left to finalise is to see what acoustics and piering will cost and we wont know that until council review the plans.

Tile Appointment

Today we had our tile appointment. 1.5 hours and we where done.

We have gone with the same wall/floor tiles in the laundry, main bathroom and en-suite to the 5th Bedroom.



Our en-suite we have gone all charcoal and I love it. We also have the feature tiles that will run the middle of the niche. Michael wasn’t too sure at first but he says he likes it now. They look like those below;



In the kitchen we will only have a tiny splash back and it looks like this.



Porch tile looks like that below;



Our drains for the wet areas is like below;



All up the variations cost $600 so pretty happy with that.